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Thursday, April 9, 2009

My last post...

on Blogger! The new site is www.Jacemora.com The new feed is http://feeds2.feedburner.com/DOTM

Yes, I have decided to make the dreaded move to wordpress. The site is up, old posts transferred, some old and some new widgets, and even a separate page for my current gear lists.

I moved to Wordpress because of the greater ease of which I can make templates and the better widgets. All in all I just like the more professional look and my own domain name.

Now that I am paying for hosting I plan on getting more into posting content, in game video, hell maybe even a blog cast or 2. Keep an eye out for my "About this site page" which I will be getting up soon which will be about where my blog has been, more about my real life, and where the blog is going in the future.

Please get my new feed, change any links on your pages (or add me, you know you want to), and let me know of any technical issues the site might be having. Also please feel free to give me tips for a better overall design or functionality I have no problem with criticism and would appreciate the advice.

P.S. to Runyarusco from Unbearably hot I swiped you feed graphic... I hope you don't mind, I really like it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2 Drakes up... 2 Drakes down... WOOT

We started the night on a high note with a 24 man 1 shot of Malygos and then ended the night on a high note of downing Sarth with 2 drakes up.

This was really only our 2nd partial night of attempts and not even with all our best geared raiders or any kind of optimal raid makeup in mind (25 raiders were online, 25 raiders went in... lol).

Nonetheless, everything went well as we learned positioning, assignments, when to go into the portal... lol

I am the drakes tank in this fight, we have a DK tanking Sarth, and our usual MT warrior was on adds. We had a ret pally tanking the acolyte in the portal which resulted in his death but we somehow still pulled it out. Having 1 more tank like our resident prot pally would probably make it a little easier with him tanking trash with the warrior and then the warrior tank going into the portals when they come up. DPS was not an issue, the first drake was down at least 15 secs or more before Vesp landed.

Tanking the drakes is interesting... the biggest challenge is postioning them with their backs turned to the raid while not falling into the lava and avoiding the waves. Because of where they land they tend to want to repostion between me and the lava quite frequently. Not being able to target the drakes early sucks as well as I only have a second to grab agro and move the first drake before the first wave, sometimes I don't even get to do that and the wave comes before the drake is even targetable. Fortunatley a hunter misdirect comes in handy to make sure we get him in place either way.

Best thing to do as a feral tank is target the first drake asap, hit him with a mangle, mash maul, throw a swipe, run him into postion, avoid the flame wall, turn around, BERSERK, spam maul and mangle and get a good threat lead so your DPS can go all out. I am not sure how long my DPS delays but it can't be very long with us downing him so quickly.

All in All, currently the most fun fight in Northrend IMHO and we start on 3D next week.

P.S. The Leggings of the Honored dropped, but not only did I not have enough DKP for them over our resident rogue but since I would only use them for my kitty set I had no qualms seeing these go elsewhere. Hopefully they drop again when we do 3D and I can pick them up to replace T7 pants I use for tanking when I need more stam. (I would gem/enchant my T7.5 pants for strictly tanking and wear these for DPS essentially retiring my T7 pants). Our rogue did mention that when the chest finally drops off Maly he doesn't want it so I will get a bump in my DPS set there I suppose. DKP aside in Knight Watch we are pretty good about distributing the wealth and talking to each other about gear when it falls.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My 3 main gear sets

I have added a pretty cool set of html code to my rightmost column showing the gear I wear for MTing, DPSing, and Trash Tanking.

Keep in mind there are some situational items not shown that I might wear for fights like Saph, Sarth, and Patch like Polar Chest, Boots, Belt along with possibly even some T7 gear enchanted and gemmed for stamina.

Also note that because I am hybrid spec best in slot for me can be somewhat different than if I were a straight DPS feral. Basically I am wearing best in slot for DPS considering my talents with the exception of cloak from Kel, Chest from Maly, and Pants from Sarth 2D.

You might also notice I favor the strength proc idol from swipes when I am bear tanking trash packs.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A note on my many outfits and when I use them.

Thought I would throw this out there for the feral druids wondering how they can optimize gear for different encounters...

I personally have a bunch of different gear combination depending on the fight... or even trash for that matter.

I won't get into particular pieces of gear since not everyone is as fortunate with drops as the next but just a general idea of how I change gear with the ebb and flow of a given raid. You can see if you like the gear I wear in each set listed in the right most column of my blog including how it is enchanted and gemmed.

I have no math to back this up, just what works for me Main Tanking, Off Tanking, and DPSing in current content. As I have posted before I am a Hybrid BearCat so I enjoy mix and matching my gear to take advantage of what I can do on any given encounter.

First my Sets...

1. Main Tanking set - Gear considered tops for tanking based solely on mitigation. With this setup the DPS might have to wait 3-5 secs for me to get solid agro but from there out it isn't much of an issue. I think I have about 78 hit but I am maxed out on mitigation stats and expertise.

2. Kitty DPS set (raiding) - Top DPS gear with making sure to get 2T7.5 bonus in there. Hit capped.

3. Off Tanking/Trash set - A mix of DPS Kitty gear and MTing gear. I am over the hit cap in this set.

4. Tank Stamina set/FR set - Used for Saph or Sarth, I stopped using this set on Patchwerk because taking 2 hatefuls back to back constantly sucks which happens when you get over 50K HP. Again, this set offers very little hit and avoidance stats suffer from the FR gear. Make sure to only gem your Polar gear with stam gems, you only need to be wearing this gear on fights where stam is king anyway.

5. Kitty DPS set (World) - Basically same as above but dropping the 2T7.5 bonus and using my Idol from BT for strength proc on mangle.

I also have a Healing set, Boomkin set (never use now that we have Kitty Swipe), and Naked set ( I will have to screen shot my couple of naked set ups... I have a Aquaman one and a Tarzan one)

So here is when I use which set...

Malygos - Off Tank set. I tank the adds at the beginning of phase 2 so in phase 1 I am in kitty DPSing on Maly. I use my DPS staff and Idol and then switch it between phase 1 and 2.

Sarth - I have been going with my MT set which still puts out good threat. Note I only have 40 Hit in this set so my DPS gives me a couple secs to establish agro with incoming drakes. If/When I MT Sarth I will go to the Stam set obviously. Before we pull Sarth I tank trash in my trash set of course.

VoA - I could prob tank this in my full Kitty set but I usually just DPS this fight.

Hell, I tanked Saph last night from 14% in my full cat gear with FR stuff just swapping weapon and idol with 2 healers, 1 hunter, and 2 Death Knights left standing... damn buggy Frost Tombs. Of course this has more to do with me wearing a lot of Valorous which is very good in slot for both Kitty and Bear.

Naxx - All trash is in my OT/Trash set.

Anub - I am in OT/Trash set... Kitty DPS on boss between tanking adds
Grand Widow - Usually MT gear for this unless I am Kitty DPSing. Usually I am MTing it or tanking all the adds with swipe.
Maexxna - I kitty DPS this one so my Kitty set.

Noth - OT set for snap agro on spawned adds.
Unclean - Kitty DPS set cause I am in kitty for it.
Loatheb - Kitty set and shreding butt again.

Instuctor - OT set usually as I DPS and also grab adds if/when they break MC.
Gothik - OT set again as I need the snap agro on the spawned adds. Tanking Gothik once he comes down has never been an issue in the set either.
4 Horse - I am almost always the first Korth tank on the left but I wear my OT set for max agro and DPS since we like burning the turd as fast as possible. I don't have issues in this set as long as people stay with me as I do the exchange for when the meteor hits.

Patchwerk - MT set. I no longer use the FR stuff because at too high stamina and too little avoidance it is too easy to get smacked by multiple hatefulls back to back. I like to share the wealth with at least 1 more tank as far as getting beat up goes.
Grob - OT set for slimes snap agro when they spawn and splash damage from swipe and mauls on Grob.
Gluth - OT set usually but I think I could easily OT this in my Kitty set. When our warrior MT has him I go kitty and shread butt watching my target of target for when he gets a 3 stack so I can go bear and run back in front and taunt... which might go even better in Kitty gear being hit capped. In the past I have had taunts miss because of my low hit in MT set. As soon as the 3 stack wears off the MT takes him back and I go back to kitty DPSing.
Thad - If MTing I would prob wear my MT set but lately I have been kitty DPSing... usually in the top 5 kitty DPSing at that :) If all I was tanking was one of the 2 adds I wouold prob wear my OT set just in case the other tank misses the jump. Lately though I am the 3rd tank switching to DPS when I can.

Saph - If MTing Saph I would wear MT set and cap out FR with ring, boots, and belt most likey. Lately I have been kitty though except for last night where I started kitty and ended up MT. Lived in kitty gear switching to tank weapon and idol wearing FR ring and belt only... lol... turned out to be a bad night to scrimp on FR wearing... fortunatly we have really good players and I lived. Our guild has this never give up attitude and we hate wiping even with DC's and bugs we find a way :)

Kel - MT set because the adds hit hard. Antoher interesting fight last night the other OT died before they came out so I had to hold all 4. Healers did a great job keeping me up even though a ton had gone wrong and we lost a lot of DPS and went a minute over our last kill. I was getting clobbered and had to burn a lock cookie (a first in naxx), all my cd's when they were availabe, and even a armor potion for good measure.

If you take anything from all this the important thing is to swap gear depending on many factors.

A. How hard does the boss/mosters hit
B. Tanking 1, 2, or many mobs
C. Main Tanking? Off Tanking? DPSing most of the fight?
D. Magic Damage? Physical?
E. How many healers do you have? How good are they?
F. Agro issues? Do the monsters have an agro reset?
G. Can you afford a taunt miss?
H. Hurtfuls? Silences? Incoming steady damage or spike damage?

Do your best to get the gear you need to make different sets. It is a much better idea than balancing one peice of gear to fill many roles especially with Uldar around the corner and difficulty increasing. You are going to want to min/max what you can depending on your role in any given fight.

You don't want to gimp you Main Tanking set for example gemming for hit if you can just swap in a peice of gear with +50 hit when it calls for it. A fight where an agro reset and early miss could spell a wipe or a missed taunt can be an issue on a tank switching fight for example. This wasn't as easy in BC but in Wrath this isn't nearly as bad as a tradeoff.

Try to keep you Main Tanking set focused on Mitigation, Aviodance, and Survival because as a MT your first priority is staying alive. If this means DPS needs to give you an extra couple secs or watch the meters so be it. Hopefully Uldar is going to get away from the AoE fest that Naxx has been and people will start paying attention again to things like Omen and Agro dump abilities.

On the same note, you don't want to gimp your DPS gear gemming with Stamina because you want more threat in Bear.

Gear that you use in both sets you can balance with purple gems, however I would always enchant and thread for DPS unless you are always the MT.

Even if you are always the MT, no matter what, you still need to consider picking up at least some DPS leather for cases when higher threat is called for instead of survivability... that is just the life of a BearCat.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Viva La 1 night Naxx clear!

Last night Knight Watch ripped through Naxx Heroic in 3 hours 2 minutes. No wipes, quick looting, and AFK'ers were set on follow... amazingly 1 person lived through the dance set on follow... lol

We did this believe or not with 7 healers and 4 tanks. Well, 3 tanks and a Hybrid Bearcat as I like to call myself. Glyph of Rip, Glyph of Maul, Glyph of FR... so 1 of 3 for DPS and spec with both tanking and DPS abilities... can't wait for dual specs.

Anub - Kitty DPSed it, 4th on damage per WWS.
Grand Widow - Kitty again, 6th on meters. (couldn't tell if I was behind her half the time.)
Max - Kitty DPS, 4th on meters.

Patchwerk - Hurtful tank.
Grob - Kitty, first time ever not tanking adds... 9th on the meters. I would have to move a couple keybinds to improve here.
Gluth - Kitty, first time again DPSing... 6th on the meters
Thad - Kitty, had to move a lot... 5th on the meters... was not behind him enough.

Noth - Bear OT adds.
Mr Unclean - Kitty, 8th on the meter, I hate this fight.
Loath - Kitty, 8th, but I only got 1 spore.

Instructor - Kitty for the first time... 8th on the charts... frankly I was scared to go all out.
Goth - Tank Undead Side
4 Horse - Tank left side

Sapph - Kitty, FR gear, 6th on meter with only 75% DPS time... I am a good kitty and get out of ice storms :P
Kel - OT adds

Nothing better than clearing Naxx in 1 night, DPSing in the top 5 at times, always in the top 10, and tanking 5 of the encounters to boot. How people can complain about feral PvE is beyond me.

Get BadKitty and practice your rotations!

Monday, March 16, 2009

This tip might be too late for some...

In the game World of Warcraft you may have noticed that things constantly change. Whether it be what enchant is best on your weapon or even which weapon is best for your class and spec. Blizzard is constantly tweaking abilities and multipliers, heck even racial talents.

One tip I would like to provide that I have used myself since hitting level 70 is this...

Don't upgrade for the sake of upgrading.

Feel good about sitting on 400 Stone Keeper's Shard.
Feel good about sitting on 200 Emblem of Valor.
Feel good about sitting on that Nobles Deck. (Ok, I didn't do this but that is because I OT/MT enough to not worry about taking +90Agi over +90Str but there are those that picked the +90Str that might be kicking themselves in the head come 3.1)

My point is this...
  • If your guild is not having issues clearing current content.
  • If you can get through heroics either doing good DPS or holding up as a tank with decent healers.
  • If you can handle the Epeen effects of being 7th on the DPS meters instead of 5th when off spec DPSing.
Then hold off on upgrading a peice of gear.

By now you might have noticed that with some patches in the game comes new gear. This could be new crafted gear, new PvP gear, new gems, new enchants, ETC. Item A may no longer be the best in slot for you when you couple the effects of new talents, gear, enchants, gems, and underlying combat math.

So do yourself a favor and hold off getting Epic if you are getting by fine without it.

Wait til you need the help and then get what is best to get you over that hump. This way you don't look back at spending X to get Y and wish you would have waited just a couple more weeks since Y sucks now and Z is the way to go.

Needless to say I am waiting for the harder content of Uldar and to see what my guild is going to need first (More DPS or More Tankage) before I start buying gear/gems/enchants that won't amount to a hill of beans difference in the current content.

Friday, March 13, 2009


From MMO Champion...

Item - Druid T8 Feral 2P Bonus (Class: Druid) -- The periodic damage dealt by your Rake, Rip, and Lacerate abilities has a chance to cause you to enter a Clearcasting state.

This is HUGE!

To refresh your memory the old 2T4 Proc returned 20 energy. This will basically give you a free special on your next attack which as we all know is more than 20 energy.

Depending of course on the proc rate and internal CD this is potentially a bigger deal than the old 2T4 proc and I am sure everyone remembers what a huge deal this was. It was OP enough that Blizzard had to remove the 2T4 bonus @ 80 and scale back the proc rate after level 70 to make sure we stopped wearing 2T4 as we went into Wrath content.

I would assume with the proc happening from periodic damage it will happen a little less and that they are going to make sure through the proc rate that it is not as OP as the old 2T4 but as a feral druid this bonus has to get you excited about wearing T8 4 sure.

And look at the 4 piece bonus...

Item - Druid T8 Feral 4P Bonus (Class: Druid) -- Increases the duration of Savage Roar and Survival Instinct by 8 sec.

This is one happy Hybrid Feral Druid (Soon to be dual spec Tank/DPS feral druid). I mean I have been really happy with my Tanking and DPSing ability since going with a Hybrid build, check it out... top 5 on Thaddius last night (WTB Ret Pally Nerf :P or DK faceroll ability :P)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tagged by the Think Tank for a screenshot...

Ok, so here it is. My 6th screen shot taken in Jan of 2008. Kalon from Think Tank pinged me for this so of course I quickly obliged.

This is me and my pet fish Frankie waiting outside SSC... and you thought roller skating Fel Reavers were cool... lol

To my surprise this little guy would evade all attempts to join me in SSC or let me take him back to Shat in a fishbowl for my orphan.

Unfortunately I was unable to find any screenshots prior to this date in a timely fashion but I might get some time to shift through some old hard drives and see what 6th shot nugget I might have from my original WOW install back in 2007.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Malygos down!


Gratz goes out to all my guildmates, great work getting him down on our first real night of attempts.

I even got a little something for my trouble...

Favor of the Dragon Queen and 1000 Rep with Wyrmrest.

Just a couple notes for those of you that might be having trouble with phase 3...

1. The only thing I watch is the middle of the screen for incoming damage and the raid warning that Malygos is looking at me. I can also see my combo point yellow blocks from my IceHUD mod... at least I think that is where they are coming from, or it is the WOW default UI combo points indicator.

2. When I start seeing constant 10K damage ticks I know to move left (or which ever direction your guild has determined everyone will move) until they stop. While moving left even if not facing Malygos I can still fire off 1's and 2's

3. If Malygos looks at me I hit my shield if I have combo points, if not I hit 1 and then start mashing my shield so it comes up as soon as I have the energy for it.

P.S. Since I was having trouble targeting Malygos I started targeting him from the raid frames target of my party. I think it sucks that you can't just use the target nearest enemy from keybinds and have that work.

P.S.S. You might want to move the exit vehicle button from the middle of the screen and put it somewhere else. Hitting that by accident really sucked... lol

So now that we have cleared all WotLK content it sounds like we are going to start working on more than 1 drake up in the near future. Should be fun, hopefully the last 2 pieces of Valorous will finally fall so I can pick them up. Helm and Chest and I am essentially done gearing up for both tanking or DPS in Uldar which will be useful with the new dual spec ability going live in the next patch as well as the bear nerf basically regulating us to poor OT status with Pallies and DK's being better for AoE tanking and Warrior's the better single boss tank... lets hope they figure this out on the PTR and don't make us the last tanking choice in Uldar.

Feel free to read the discussions on the bear changes on Emmeralds site or EJ and draw your own conclusions but I can easily see where I will just be OTing 1-2 trash mobs and then speccing into full on kitty for the boss fights... not that I have a problem with that especially with the Kitty buffs headed our way.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Off Tanking groups of Mobs and you (AKA top the tank DPS meters)

So, just a short post on tanking trash pulls and what I have found works best with the massive amount of DPS my guildies are putting out these days.

First, here is what I am wearing to OT packs of trash...

Hood of the Exodus - Just an awesome helm for both tanking and DPS, currently my MTing helm.
Boundless Ambition
Heroes' Dreamwalker Shoulderpads - Enchanted and gemmed for Kitty set
Cloak of the Shadowed Sun
Tunic of Indulgence - I will switch this to T7.5 chest as soon as it drops next in Naxx, both gemmed and enchanted for Kitty
Sinner's Bindings - Another great item for both tanking and DPS
Dislocating Handguards - Part of my current kitty DPS set.
Belt of the Tortured - Another Kitty DPS piece
Heroes' Dreamwalker Legguards - Gemmed and enchanted for my MT set
Footwraps of Vile Deceit - Another nice item for both Kitty and Bear, part of my MT set.
Surge Needle Ring
Meteorite Whetstone - Kitty DPS trinket
Mirror of Truth - Kitty DPS trinket
Origin of Nightmares - Best for tanking but also good for DPS and has Mongoose on it where my Journey's End has Berserker.
Idol of the Wastes

I also tend to tank most Heroics in this same set up.

This gear gets me lots of swipe crits, does a lot of damage and threat, and survivability seems just fine. Without taunts I can usually peal mobs off of our warrior and pally tanks no problem rotating swipe and maul.

Typically on trash I find myself somewhere between 3-5 of total damage done which is pretty darn good for a tank if you ask me, not to mention when I MT 5 man Heroics I tend to be #1 on DPS for trash as well. I bet a bunch of AoE casters out there run with me and are like wtf?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Loremaster done! Whoot!

Now I start farming herbs non stop until my DK turns out my Nobles Deck.

Anywho, I guess by now many feral Druids have seen the coming changes to FB and our new shield thing. I am not going to talk about either, they both seem... well, meh.

Supposedly the FB change is to tone down our burst in PvP. The shield thing in bear is so our mitigation somehow scales with AP, however their attempt seems pretty weak.

Question for you ferals out there... how do you veiw your role as a raid member?

I know my role seems to be one of "we are happy to have you, we will let you know if we need you Tanking, DPSing, Healing, CCing or we won't say anything and you can more or less do what you want" LOL... makes trying to decide what to spend DKP on a little frightening doesn't it? It's not for me of course cause my guild is very cool, a social guild which doesn't nitpick every members decision on gear or spec or rotation.

But I wonder how many of you hybrids out there have it worse... or maybe we have not seen how this is yet because of how easy Naxx is and once we venture into Uldar people will end up more under the microscope.

Speaking of Patch 3.1, how many of you are looking forward to the dual spec switch ability?

I tell you what I miss, being able to Tank, DPS, and PVP in the same spec. I came up with a good spec to both Main Tank and do top 10 raid DPS when not tanking but I had to leave out talents that are needed for PVP. So now if I get into a little world PvP I get my arse beat down.

Now come Uldar I most likely will not be able to MT with this spec... it's just Naxx is so easy I can get away with it but from a PvP standpoint I will prob be in a similar position. So I am thinking about a MT/PvP switch but if Uldar has encounters which might have it more benificial for me to put out more DPS or even do some healing I might have to scrap that idea.

Just patch day rambling for what they are worth.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A little Loremaster hint during the restart.

If you have not seen this already it will help get more quests for your Loremaster Achievement.

MacKreel's Moonshine

This guy is somewhat hidden and has to be jumped too in Arathi Highlands.

Also, after jumping down into the water, 2 things...

1. Sully Balloo's Letter - swim straight down. If you look to the right side of the middle pillar (the south east side) you can see Sully at the bottom of the river, and the letter is near his hand.

2. The quest from the hidden dwarf is timed. Swim quickly to the cave west of Faldir's Cove that leads back to Arathi and take the Flight Path to SouthShore. The dwarf to turn in is in the basement of the inn under the kitchen.

Sooo, I was going to have a long post today...

But it is just rolling restarts and my Loremaster title awaits.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Heroic Naxx is clear and the Wrath love continues.

Let me first mention that I got to MT both Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad. Our warrior MT for the rest of that nights run was not defense capped with FR gear and had not yet had the opportunity to tank these last bosses even in 10 man.

Getting to do this really made my night as I have always been mostly an OT in my 25 man raiding history.

So we drop Kel'Thuzad Thursday night (1st week without the Lag boss) and look what drops...

Journey's End

Wow... Seriously... for someone who had to buy Staff of the Forest Lord because the staff in ZA and Kara whould never fall after a crazy insane amount of runs... I am just flabbergasted.

Even more luck had happened in the fight prior as Sapphiron dropped Gatekeeper

and before that...

Cover of Silence fell from Thaddius... WHAT? SERIOUSLY?

Somewhere in all the excitement I may have forgotten to mention I picked up Strong-Handed Ring as well... dunno if that was Thursday's run or not though.

After months of struggling to get geared up in BC and having to resort to PvP in order to get geared... 3 best in slot items fall for me in 1st kills?

I ran Kara, no lie, at least 40 times before I saw some of the better leather or the staff. Hell, at that point I had already bought or PvPed my way to better gear because we had already moved on to SSC/TK/Hyjal.

I hope and pray that the following Heroic raids in the upcoming content patches have bosses dropping multiple pieces of loot like in Naxx Heroic.

The only things left in Heroic Naxx that I need are...

Boundless Ambition or Heritage
Cloak of the Shadowed Sun

From there it wouldn't hurt to get

Tunic of Indulgence
Idol of Worship - Watch it never fall again after I passed on it twice... lol

I have still not bothered getting any T7.5 gear so I suppose I will come up with a strategy on which T7 pieces to replace first since I have a lot of DKP built up for these peices. It's looking like I will be going with Pants and probably shoulders or chest to start. I was very tempted to get my first peice after dropping Kel with the helm token falling but with both Epic helms from Heroic Naxx it just didn't make sense to do so when others are still running around in rare quality head gear. Mind you it was really tempting though for someone who never moved past T4 helm in BC... except my PvP Vengeance helm.

Look tomorrow during the server down time for a post on itemization and some curious rankings by RAWR that make no sense to me.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thoughts on Polar gear and stacking stamina

Here's the deal. If you didn't know by now most of the gear rankings out there put the polar chest, belt , and boots very high on the bear list... tops in matter of fact... the #1 item in each of those slots.

The gear is ranked so high due to it's high stamina value, something us bears get the most bang for the buck out of.

Here is my real world testing thoughts... at least at the current level of raiding... considering I am in mostly Naxx heroic gear.

1. No polar for trash pulls. You want to use your gear that falls closest to the polar items in rank but gem/equip/enchant for damage, hit, expertise to hold the threat you need when you are AoEing this stuff down.

2. Patchwerk... by now you know to wear you polar gear and highest stam pieces if you are soaking the hurtfuls.

3. Don't gem/enchant your polar gear trying to get avoidance out of it. gem/enchant more stam, that is what you want out of these items when you do wear them.

4. Any fight you MT, wear these items. You won't have problem with single target threat and the huge HP pool helps with the various silence mechanics and what not in many of these boss fights.

5. The polar chest/belt/boots is a must have IMHO for any starting bear hitting level 80. It is too cheap to get these crafted not to have them starting heroics and 10 man Naxx.

6. OTing on bosses where you are controlling add waves you should be fine ditching the polar. I would also not use it on Gothik or Noth fights where controlling adds is very important.

I would use Polar on these fights...


Arachnid Quarter
Anub'Rekhan - If OT no need for Polar. (Insect swarm hurts, healer positioning, green goo)
Grand Widow Faerlina - If OT no need for Polar. (red too long or people want achievement)
Maexxna - (Everyone gets frozen/webbed)

Plague Quarter

Heigan the Unclean - (in case you mess up the dance... over and over)
Loatheb - (healer silence)

Military Quarter

The Four Horsemen - (Meteor, bad party or OT placement even if for a moment, stacking debuff)

Construct Quarter

Patchwerk - Huge Hurtfuls
Grobbulus - If OT no need for Polar. - (Positioning, players that don't get away when injected)
Gluth - (stacking debuff, decimate)
Thaddius - (Players changing sides late)

Frostwyrm Lair

Sapphiron - FR is reason alone
Kel'Thuzad - (void zones, icebolts, bad melee positioning)

So there you go with a short notation of the problem mechanics. You prob could tank more than one without polar gear depending on the experience and talent of your raid members but I see no good reason not to wear it as a safety precaution on those same fights.

I don't have any experience tanking Malygos yet or the 3 drakes up fight (although it is known you need uber HP for that) and the Vault fight is easy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wrath far nicer to this feral than BC ever was.

I don't know if it is the fact that multiple Naxx boses share a loot table or that I have just been extremely lucky but in the expansion the loot gods have looked on me very favorably.

In BC I had to run battlegrounds and 2v2 arena constantly to get geared when Kara would not drop one shred of decent leather. It took forever for me to get items like...

Bladed Shoulderpads of the Merciless
Bracers of Maliciousness
Chestguard of the Conniver
Edgewalker Longboots
Girdle of Treachery
Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation
Skulker's Greaves
Terestian's Stranglestaff

This was due to both bad luck and raid difficulty. Yes, Raid difficulty. This was back in the day where you didn't want to attempt certain fights because you only had no lock or no priests... etc... you get the picture. So even though eventually this gear fell ( way to late for me to actually get any use out of it since we were already clearing ZA and badge vendor gear on the isle was better) I had been running Kara for probably my 24th or 25th time.

Fast Forward to Wrath.

We have cleared 10 man Naxx about 3-4 times around working on 25 man. We should clear 25 man Naxx this week since the lag is gone after running 25 man Naxx about the last 4 weeks.

Here's the luck...

On our first time killing Gothik the Hood of the Exodus falls! WooHoo! Huge upgrade to my crappy blue helms... yes, this is an upgrade to both my tanking and DPS helm.

Sat. night in 10 man Naxx I was lucky and won the roll for Key to the Focusing Iris so Pendant of the Dragonsworn won't be far behind.

Belt of the Tortured, Dawnwalkers, Gored Hide Legguards, Circle of Death, and Collar of Dissolution are all new items I have recieved recently. I am now hit capped for Kitty wearing T7 Chest and Shoulders in the mix for the 2T7 rip bonus.

I have already gotten Staff of the Plaguehound as well as Origin of Nightmares with hopefully Journey's End right around the corner. I am saving my DKP for the T7.5 Helm so I can enchant and gem it for tanking while using the Exodus hood strictly for DPS duty.

The only thing left outside of T7.5 gear that I still want out of Heroic raids...

Idol of Worship - I kept passing on it becuase it wasn't working til the most recent patch.
Bandit's Insignia or Fury of the Five Flights - To go with the Mirror...
Concealment Shoulderpads
Chestguard of the Recluse or Tunic of Indulgence... prefer the first one
Frosted Adroit Handguards
Leggings of the Honored
Greatring of Collision and Surge Needle Ring
Journey's End
Boundless Ambition or Heritage

Cloak of the Shadowed Sun

and not in a raid but wouldn't mind...

Essence of Gossamer - for my Sarth +3 set
Loatheb's Shadow - I like the Crit and controlling when I get my AP boost.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So why do we like Kitty Swipe?

This is why...

#1 on trash DPS for last nights Naxx 25 run.

So now we can Tank, single target DPS, and top the meters on multiple mob pulls... I hope we gets to keeps it.

This brought me to 6th overall in total raid damage which is about 4-5 spots higher than normal. This is with me OTing the first 2 fights in the Spider wing (Anub'Rekhan and Grand Widow Faerlina) and taking over MTing on the last 10% of the final spider boss from DC issues. I also OTed on Noth the Plaguebringer and on Sartharion when we moved on to OS. So 6th in raid DPS with only being in kitty for trash and 90% of 1 boss fight out of 5.

Jacemora is a happy feral kitty.

P.S. Wrath is still broken post 3.0.8 with maybe even more lag and disconnects in 25 man raids. Somehow we are able to get down bosses with many people DCing but we will not be able to finish Naxx in it's current state. What I do is stay in Tank gear for every fight in case we have the MT or OT DC which happens just about every fight. So we run with 4 tanks constantly for wipe prevention.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lag Boss Down?

3.0.8 patch today and hoping to down that Lag Boss tonight for the first time.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Who said we can't DPS and TANK with the same SPEC

That is me 3rd on the big bad spider. This was without any flask and haste food because I didn't want to waste better stuff on such an easy boss.

Mind you this is with a Spec taking what is needed to MT 25 mans. I am using the Rip Glyph only since my other slots are used for tanking glyphs.

So yes, at this point feral druids can have 1 Spec to Tank and do decent DPS just like in BC. So we can go from 45K+ HP Hurtful soaks on Patchwerk, MT anything in game, and still switch to DPS and be somewhere in the top 10 for damage output. All the while being able to Brez and Innervate when needed or OoCRez when all the other healers die during a partial wipe.

I would say the state of feral druids is in pretty good shape. I will get back to you when I start 2v2ing arena again which is coming up soon. I don't know how that is going to go with how OP other classes are in there along with having too many damn buttons to press now for burst damage and cc.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The current failed state of raiding

When Blizzard decided to open the flood gates into Naxx I for one along with many thought this was a nice idea to get the more casual gamer some raiding time in a 10/25 man dynamic in some old content that was considered a lot of fun that most people missed.

It is obvious Blizzard miscalculated the sheer amount of casual gamers that would group up and venture into this old/new content as the latency created by all these players make the instance unplayable or when playable less enjoyable.

Something must be done and soon before this move completely backfires on them and they lose interest of not only the more casual player venturing into raids for the first time but also the more experienced raider that is fed up with the bullshit disconnects.

Exactly how are we supposed to get ready for the next raid encounters when we can't finish the current content due to Blizzards inadequacies?

Let's hope Blizzard either fixes the problem or makes the next level of raiding exclusive once again... although I don't know how that is possible since we can't keep 25 constantly logged in to finish Naxx in the first place.

At least 10 man Naxx is playable... hohum.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why O Why did I let it get DE'ed?

Some new gear updates...

Grabbed Dislocating Handguards and Sinner's Bindings in the last Heroic Naxx run.

Let me just say that spending every week in Heroic Naxx to have to walk away without clearing it due to latency issues is starting to get old. I don't understand how other guilds are clearing it with the kind of lag and disconnects we are seeing every night. It makes Gluth and Thaddius impossible IMHO.

On that note, I cleared Naxx 10 for the third time and got Staff of the Plaguehound. So now I am set until Journey's End falls in Heroic Naxx... IF THE DAMN LATENCY EVER GETS FIXED!

I was really excited about putting Formula: Enchant Weapon - Berserking on my new DPS staff... until I took a longer look at the materials cost... ugh.

Lastly, Defender's Code fell and I passed and watched it get DE'd... mistake? I mean I know it's the awesome right now but post patch won't this fall pretty far down? After picking up those 2 leather upgrades I just felt wierd picking up another and my DKP was falling fast... Did I make a mistake?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WOOHOO, The dead love me... they really love me!

WOOHOO, looked what dropped for me last night...

Origin of Nightmares

So my plan now is post patch to put the +STA chant on it and start putting some agility gems in some of my gear... actually here is what I expect my setup post patch to be taking in consideration spending badges and such...

Hateful Gladiator's Dragonhide Helm - Going to spend some badges... Hope to have enough soon
Titanium Earthguard Chain - If our Guild JC will ever get the pattern... come on Puffer, hook a brother up!
Heroes' Dreamwalker Shoulderpads - I already have the token... need to go get these.
Platinum Mesh Cloak - Might get this before the helm... depends on 25 man drops.
Heroes' Dreamwalker Raiments - Maybe... I really like my Polar vest though.
Thrusting Bands - Most likely my next DKP purchase.
Handwraps of Preserved History - unless the post patch nerf drops them below Rapid Attack Gloves which I also have.
Polar Cord or Sharp-Barbed Leather Belt - I have both.
Heroes' Dreamwalker Legguards - Wearing these now.
Polar Boots or Footwraps of Vile Deceit - I have both.

I really need to farm for Keystone Great-Ring and will most like get a Titanium Earthguard Ring while I wait for Gatekeeper.

I really need to farm for the Essence of Gossamer. Will most likely wear that with the Commendation of Kael'thas until I get Defender's Code.

Origin of Nightmares - Right now the best Bear weapon in the game.