Jacemora: So why do we like Kitty Swipe?

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So why do we like Kitty Swipe?

This is why...

#1 on trash DPS for last nights Naxx 25 run.

So now we can Tank, single target DPS, and top the meters on multiple mob pulls... I hope we gets to keeps it.

This brought me to 6th overall in total raid damage which is about 4-5 spots higher than normal. This is with me OTing the first 2 fights in the Spider wing (Anub'Rekhan and Grand Widow Faerlina) and taking over MTing on the last 10% of the final spider boss from DC issues. I also OTed on Noth the Plaguebringer and on Sartharion when we moved on to OS. So 6th in raid DPS with only being in kitty for trash and 90% of 1 boss fight out of 5.

Jacemora is a happy feral kitty.

P.S. Wrath is still broken post 3.0.8 with maybe even more lag and disconnects in 25 man raids. Somehow we are able to get down bosses with many people DCing but we will not be able to finish Naxx in it's current state. What I do is stay in Tank gear for every fight in case we have the MT or OT DC which happens just about every fight. So we run with 4 tanks constantly for wipe prevention.


Mekias said...

Kitty Swipe plus Berserk is insane. On some packs I would do over 8k dps.

I've had kitty swipes of over 20k total.

One problem is that without Berserk it's hard to get a Savage Roar going and still have enough energy and time to get off a few swipes. I'm still trying to figure out if I should skip Savage Roar and go right to swiping when Berserk isn't up.

Another problem is aggro. I died several times from trying to play with my new toy too soon. I wanna see the big numbers so I want to hit the mobs before they start dying or get away from my swipe radius.

Hopefully we get to keep swipe and it's suddenly made trash a lot more fun.

Jacemora said...

If your swipe draws agro and you see yourself suddenly at 50% health go bear and keep swiping... works every time.