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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Misunderstood Druid

How many druids have noticed people freaking out when they are tanking by starting a pull in stealth kitty form or caster form? It seems ever since the change came down in patch 2.3 with client side shifting people downright think I am crazy. Just the other night I was in Kara helping out a buddies guild and they were all confused as to why I was on the main tank list when I am sitting waiting to start things up in stealth cat form... lol. Then you hear "holy crap you just moonfired a mob in bear form"... lol Yeah, I switched to bear form before the pull started just to ease the minds of my fellow raiders and then moonfired pulled and instantly back to bear... apparently faster than this guy's system kept up with lag.

I bring this up because people need to understand that with 5 points in Furor the last thing I want to do when pulling or running in to tank a boss is shift to bear. I am sure most people understand this, what they don't understand is why I would be in kitty form prior to this shift... well, number 1, why not? It really makes no difference what form I start in, it is completely irrelevant actually. Druids can shift directly from 1 form to the next now and frankly I prefer starting almost everything from stealthed cat in case someone pulls a Leroy whether it be on purpose or by accident. It also allows me a little more control of the situation and what I agro when I am ready when off tanking in 25 mans.

Being able to start pulls or fights from the stealthed form is actually a huge bonus to feral tanking. It allows us to get great postioning for multi mob pulls. I love stealthing to certain groups in MrT and starting the pull by a pounce, bear, bash or roar while keeping all the mobs at a nice ranged distance from the rest of the party. I can also start the pull on one side while the other side of the pull is getting CCed allowing me to swipe away from trouble. I also use this technique on the 3rd boss in MrT... pounce the boss, mangle, shred for a couple combo points... go to bear bash or charge then bash then back to cat for a maim and a spell lock for 3 secs, another mangle... back to bear again... ect... I also like sneaking up into trash mobs in SSC so when the MT starts the pull I am exactly in range for a moonfire shot before my mob might get caught in a concecrate or agro the MT. Another great place for this is in Hyjal as the trash enters the camp I can stealth in right behind it and pounce a necromancer before he gets off his first shadow bolt, shift to bear, bash him, and then make sure I have agro... look, I just saved the pally tank 3k or more burst damage from the pull ma :) (P.S. The trash in Hyjal cannot see through stealth, so not a problem, unless you walk right into them of course which I have never done.)

I also like pulling from caster form especially using hurricane. The nice thing about hurricane is you can position it to grab agro from an entire group of mobs or just a portion of them leaving the ones outside the AoE for CC or to get picked up by another tank. Works great but most people don't understand the why or how. Hurricane is a druids consecrate but it can be aimed and although brief its a great way to get multiple mob agro.

I also like the caster HoT's to bear, FF pull. I use this method on Tidewalker, Kael in MrT, the 2nd boss in MrT, and the FLK shammy add. Cast HoT's on myself for the added threat or at least initial damage buffer for my healers, shift to bear and FF an incoming misdirected mob or feral charge in.... works great.

Feral raiding is just downright fun. Currently my guild is in Hyjal, here are some of the things I typically do in there as an OT...

For starters I buff my DPS weapon with a stone since we will be at the boss fight within an hour, I save my food and pot for phase 6 of the trash to make sure the buffs are still up for the boss fight. 1st trash, 10 ghouls, switch weapon to Staff of Dark Mending and Hurricane the mobs being tanked by our pally... switch weapon, shift cat, run in and single target DPS. Next pull probably the same... 3rd pull I will be stealthing in as cat to pounce something to lighten the load on the pally... shift to bear and OT it until it's dead maybe pick up another mob... when it dies if I don't have agro on anything I shift and hurricane the current AoE group of mobs, shift back to cat and single target DPS... stealth and wait to start the process all over again. Right after the last trash phase I use my ItemRack addon and switch my gear to my raid setup with my PvP trinket... I have like 12 possible gear setups to chose from... (P.S. If you use ItemRack a word to the wise, apparently sometimes even though you get an out of combat message you might try to shift your gear before some kind of lag, your ItemRack icon will reflect your gear change but it won't actually happen, make sure to stealth in cat as soon as you are out of combat and then change to 1-2 different gear sets and then to the setup you want just to be safe.) Then we get Rage and although he is a complete push over I think I have picked up tanking him after a MT death at least twice now and maybe even thrown in a battle rez or 2 also... fun stuff.

All of this means that I have decided to forgo testing Powershifting to boost my damage. I know that by using the currently available macro's I could boost my damage when in a DPS role but I think feral druids are just too important from a raid utility standpoint to mess around with burning through ones mana like that. As it is now with the T4 energy proc and OOC proc I rarely find myself low on energy anyway and I view it as a time to drop some agro just to be on the safe side... so I get a couple less shreds... but at least the boss dies. :)

3 Accounts hacked in 6 days

Yep our guild has had 3 accounts hacked (2 households) in 6 days. So, just to be on the safe side I ordered mine this morning...

Feel free to get yours HERE.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The "Can you run me through XYZ" question

Please do us Feral druids a favor and don't asks us to run you through an instance.... not even Deadmines... seriously....

Newsflash, as a feral druid my only AoE sucks, has a CD, and swipe only hits 3 mobs at a time. Please find a pally to go agro the whole place and kill everything in like 5 minutes... thanks.

Feral druids running someone through something is tedious and boring.

Now, if you are a high enough level druid or rogue that just wants to stealth to a couple bosses for loot you would actually use this might be ok but I have no idea where this would be something you need to do.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Magisters' Terrace

Ok, good news. Magisters' Terrace is getting nerfed in the next patch.

Until then let me give you some advice.

1. Do not run this in a pug group. You will die.... often. You will spend 3 hours and not get passed the 3rd boss. P.S. This is regardless of whether you go in Heroic or normal modes.

2. All players must be in Vent, or Teamspeak, or whatever. MrT is very much a mini raid and coordination is key.

3. Group composition is HUGE. You need a GOOD healer, a GOOD tank, and if possible 3 CC classes. Here are some of the best groups I have had to run even Heroic MrT fast...

4. If you can do what I do, get a healing buddy and always run the instance only with him/her. Just the 2 of you having exprience will go a long way regardless of who else you bring.

Druid Tank (Me)
Holy Priest (Shmilybug)
Rogue (sap)
Mage (sheep)
Warlock (seduce, banish, enslave)

Druid Tank (Me)
Holy Priest (Shmilybug)
Prot Pally Tank (Mili)
Mage (sheep)
Warlock (seduce, banish, enslave)

Could probably substitute a rogue here for either the mage or warlock and still be successful. They key is to have the pally tank everything except for the 2nd boss. On the 2nd boss he will take the adds then bubble out of the debuff while the druid tanks. The rest of the instance the druid OT's or DPS's depending on the strength of your pallies gear and your healers ability.

Druid Tank (Me)
Pally healer

This was a strong group, we even did the 3rd boss on Heroic without clearing the room! Did it on the first try at that.

So far the groups I have been on that included hunters have been a mixed bag, my guess is if you get a good one they can maybe take the place of a lock. No matter what, do not run MrT without a mage at the very least.

Ok, so now you have a proper group. Mark the mobs, communicate each persons CC responsibility, Kill the Blood Knight's first! Sheep the physicians. Use another CC on the Mage Guards and maybe even the Warlock if you have 3 CC's. Kill order Blood Knight, Warlock, Mage Guard, Physician. Make sure someone kills the imp right away, only takes 1-2 shots from range.

On the pulls with succubus have the warlock enslave and use it to kill the NPC warlock... and then sick her on everything else. Make sure the pulls are pulled WAY back. I have seen enslaved pets agro nearby groups when they are fought too close to other groups.

Ok, First boss is tank and spank and is too easy to discuss.

2nd boss is the one everyone dreads. FYI, mages can ice block out of the adds debuff. Rogues can CoS out of it. Pallies can shield out of it. No matter what fight this boss at a controlled rate. I won't say slow. Just stop DPS on the boss until the person that took the adds no longer has the debuff, then start on him again. So stop DPS on boss when adds spawn, start only when debuff is no longer on the person that killed them. Adds spawn 5 times at 85%, 70%, 55%, 40%, and 25% health. Have a class without the ability to remove the debuff take the first set. Hold DPS on boss until that player has the debuff dropped. Do the same at 70% and so forth until the last set at 25%. At 25% when the last adds spawn have a class that can eat the debuff take those last 2 and then DPS the boss down like crazy. If you have 2 classes that can eat the debuff use them and start at 40% to burn him. If you run with a pally, rogue, and mage you can start burning him at 55%.

3rd boss. The biggest pain here is clearing the whole damn room. The key to this fight is to CC the adds and burn the boss, spell interrupting her heals at every possible chance. Druids, start the fight in Cat form pouncing her from behind. Wear S3 gloves if you have them for a pounce then maim... shift to bear for a bash or a charge then a bash and then back to cat. Burn her ass to the ground, use fears on the adds that can't be CC'ed. Seduce and mindcontrol does not work in here, just an FYI. After that down the adds 1 by 1, keep the sheep sheeped and the demon banished for this.

4th boss... Kael'thas. Hey Blizz, I should get credit for killing him here for my Scale of the Sands quest! Ok, tank and spank. Have the ranged kill the phoenix by ping ponging him between them or kiting him, when it dies and turns into an egg kill it. Stay out of Kael's flame strike... yes, more stay out of the fire stuff. DPS him hard and you might beat the pyroblast. If not be prepared to burst DPS down his shield when he starts casting pyro then interrupt it. Worst case scenario tank dies and he starts doing gravity lapse. When you get thrown into the air swim back to the enterance door immediately... range dps Kael. Once the balls get close go around them to Kael and dps him up close... bottom line stay away from the balls. They move slow, it's really not that hard. When he stops gravity lapse burn him down... repeat if necessary.

Honestly, with the right group and a couple people with experience in this instance it is not bad AT ALL.

Enchanting FTW!

Enchanting on a release day...

Always lot's of people looking for enchants on their shiny new gear. Usually I have trouble making myself available on these days because Tuesday night happens to be date night for me and my wife. Before you get excited, it is us on a date, not us dating someone else... a quick explanation for a younger generation that may be single and has no idea what the term "date night" refers too. Anyway, last night date night ended around 9:30 so I hopped on to see if anyone needed any enchanting done.

Now enchanting for others has always been a mixed bag for me. When I decided to do enchanting it was mainly because I found it interesting in theory and possibly a way to meet more people in game. I also from the start of playing WOW I wanted to rely on others as little as possible thus taking enchanting and not having to find someone to do it for me. I heard it was expensive but a buddy of mine said you will get lots of stuff to DE so don't worry about. For the most part he was right and his tailor toon helped me turn cloth into items to DE for mats to get me leveled at a decent pace. Having to train inside Uldaman was a little disheartening but once I hit a certain level it was no longer a problem as I could solo stealth to the trainer.

Anyway, to get back on track, I get on last night and there are a TON of people needing enchants. So I stand in front of Aldor bank in case someone needs a couple mats they forgot or are overpriced on the AH and start linking chants that are being asked for in trade, I don't ask for a specific tip, or even ask for tips for that matter, by now level 70's should know I am expecting some gold coinage in the trade window.... Here is the mixed bag of enchanting...

Customer A - +15 agility to gloves... Goes to tip me 1g and decides to be generous with 4g on a last minute change of heart... lol... I remember doing Beastslayer enchants when I was questing in STV at 3g-4g a pop just so people could have glowing weapons... lol

Customer B - Mongoose - trades me mats and 100G! holy crap, I am thinking he is part of some sort of Asian gold laundering scam... lol... so I do his chant and refund him 50G telling him I had never gotten more than a 50G tip for mongoose... I think he appreciated this heads up.

Customer C - Has me port to SW.... which I hate to do, taking damage from the tower fall and what not... yes, I am too lazy to shift to cat for the fall... Savagery enchant... got lucky once in Heroic SH... trades mats, I do the enchant... no tip... nada... zip.

I did a lot of other enchants that night at the typical tips people give, all very nice transactions, but let it be said that the guy that didn't tip did cheer me, bow to me, and all the other pleasantries people who don't manage their gold well do... lol

I don't let it get to me really, again, I do enchanting for me first and others second. I like helping others as much as I can in game so I try to take time out and make myself available to the masses to get their gear enchanted and if I get some gold for giving away my time it is very appreciated. For those that don't tip just realize you will get enchanters jaded and you will find it increasingly hard to improve your gear.... not this enchanter, but others, which might have had something to do with the amount of work I had last night. When patch 2.3 came out when I got on that night at 10pm it seemed most of the enchanting had already been completed for the day, this time there was still plenty to go around... might have something to do with enchanters not really needing the gold either with all the dailies now and what not.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Anetheron bites the dust

Yes, we finally downed him and it looks like we have a good strategy and formation to get him on farm along with Rage.
You might notice I have my Wildfury Greatstaff, well at 17% our MT died and while the Hyjal foot soldiers did a pretty good job holding his attention for a little while Myself and Kelektra shifted to bear and picked up MT duties until he died. I switched both my weapon and idol to hold out as long as possible and when I died Kel took over. No Pillar of Ferocity. It was great fun, especially fighting about a bazillion mobs at the Horde encampment.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My gear setup

I am going to use this post to show my current raiding gear setup for both Cat and Bear form.

This is for those that are curious, since we know the armory is a shoddy way of looking at someones setup since I could easily log in healing gear or PvP gear.

First kitty since I find myself mainly in a DPS role as of late.

Summary - 385 Badges, 3750 Arena Points, 11,794 Honor with 20 WSG Marks, Gold, rep grinding, MANY Karazhan runs, MANY Gruul's runs, and some 25 man raiding... no big right... and this is just my DPS raiding gear. Self buffed 3535AP, 42.45% Crit, 9484HP, 112 Hit, 0 Expertise.

Now Bear...

So to sum up once again... 90 Badges, 17,850 Honor and 40 EoTs Marks, Gold, rep grinding, MANY Karazhan runs, a couple
Magtheridon's Lair runs with quite a few other 25 man raids, and 1 Heroic MrT run. Yes, I got my nice new tanking trinket on my first heroic run.... unfortuneatly I still don't have my Shard of Contempt . Self buffed 32353 Armor, 41.48% dodge, 397 Defense, 30 Resilience, 2033AP, 43 Hit, 30.7% Crit, 4 Expertise.

Now I am not going to post up my entire healing set but needless to say everything is gemmed with rare gems and enchanted. Here are the bright points and I am sitting at 1700+ healing with some pretty nice mana regen I must say...

I am currently debating on wether to use my arena points for a chest upgrade to Vengeful Gladiator's Kodohide Tunic from Lifewarden's Breastplate and/or possibly spending some Badges for healing upgrades. Problem is I am almost never called on to heal anything so for now I am squating on my points and badges.

As fas as PvP gear goes I have 4/5 S3 and other stuff to go with it. In PvP gear I am sitting at 296 Resilience, 3155AP, 41.65% Crit, almost 18K armor in bear form and 41% dodge.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A good arena night...

I just want to give a shout out to my arena partner (Petsareus) for a good night of owning face. We went 7-3 and one loss was due to rust of taking what felt like a couple weeks off... and just a poor decision on my part. We avenged that lost on the next 2 by killing the same team twice within about 15 seconds... ROFL. They must have been absolutely confused as to how a team they just beat ran right over them twice in a row at that. Well, not having your PvP buttons ready, forgetting in general what you are about to be doing, and then going after the wrong target first can mess up what should be an easy fight.

One thing I have done that I think made a decent difference last night is stopping using maim and using rip instead. I am thinking in 2v2 it is better to burn a healer or Hybrid class than to CC him. I guess FB isn't a bad option either although I hear rip is the better way to go with damage that can sneak up on them.

We are a hunter/feral combo and so far have had a tough time breaking through to 1600 from 1500 although if last night is any indicator we might be on our way. What sucks are the new teams we face sometime that are just starting out... you know, the ones sporting full T6 and 2, yes not 1, but 2 Warglaive of Azzinoth... those teams kill us REALLY fast.

If anyone has any tips for 2v2 hunter/feral, notice FERAL, not resto, please feel free to leave any helpful comments. I am hoping to get a personal rating high enough for the S4 upgrades (boots, belt, bracers).

I love this fight... now if we could just kill him.

Yep, just another Feral Epeen moment. On a side note, I didn't get slept even once on this particular attempt. On the next attempt I was put to sleep twice and came in 3rd, and on our final attempt of the night when I heard the MT was the target of an incoming infernal I decided to run away for a little while and just watch... that was a mistake by the way... LOL It didn't make a difference however as our infernal OT bit the dust again.

Looking back at last nights WWS our infernal pally tank is taking about equal amounts of physical and fire damage in his fire resist set... even got physically crit once... I am starting to wonder if wearing straight up tanking gear isn't better and just taking the steady, predictable fire damage wouldn't be a better way to go.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Commenting restored.

Thanks TeePee for pointing out that I broke my blog... doh. I messed around with some settings and had not realized I turned off commenting on new posts... which really sucks, since I asked for thoughts and then left no where for people to leave them... :(

Jacemora has a cameo on SouthPark

Ok, so maybe not... but this is what it might look like.

Note my "Staff of the Forest Lord"... lol. I am right outside LBRS getting ready to solo farm some more enchanting mats for my twink rogue... Twikky.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

DPS - is it what it is cracked up to be?

A word on DPS or "Damage Per Second". Looking at any given boss fight in a WWS I really think the standard of Epeening is better shown by total damage done and not damage per second.

I mean think about it, 2 people perform as such...

Player A. DPS is 900, total damage on the boss of 250,000
Player B. 1100 DPS, but only managed to take the boss down 200,000

Taking out all other factors since we are not talking about raid performance, class responsibilities, etc. (hopefully by now most people know there is not a connection between DPS numbers and being a good and beneficial raider) Player A did more to kill the boss plain and simple. That player found a way to stay in an DPS longer and make more out of his or her damage per second abilities. Player B although putting out more damage per second, regardless of why, contributed less damage to the boss fight. Basically DPS is saying that Player B has more potential... well that's nice to know, but Player A is the reason we didn't wipe at 1%... lol

So for pure showing off on the meters I think we need to start using a new term as the standard.

TDD - Total Damage Done?


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

To all the feral druids out there

Yeah, we CAN dps too.

This was on our best Anetheron try of the night. 1st in DPS but 2nd in overall damage from having to run off and battle rez a fallen mage. This was without a shammy in the group, I would expect over 1400 dps with GoA and strength totems.

P.S. My rage numbers were not nearly as good but that has a lot to do with shifting to break frost nova and losing energy, watching the fight waiting for death and decay to go away, and having to tank Rage for the last 2% of his health to avoid a wipe. Rage is not real melee friendly.

A rough Sunday/Monday

So we had an interesting 2 nights of raiding. Sunday night was our first venture into Black Temple and our first attempts at High Warlord Naj'entus. I think it went well for a first night there, no wipes on the trash was nice, and I think we have the boss figured out for our next night of attempts. A tip for you ferals out there DPSing this fight, when you hear the call to throw the spike at his shield go ahead and cast Barkskin and a Healing Touch on yourself so right after you take damage you will make most right back up. This will help your healers and keep you alive to continue to DPS. Hopefully if your raid is on the ball (or is passing the moron test as Doom likes to call it) then your Healing Touch will land right after you take the damage... if you want follow it with a Rejuv and a Lifebloom but by then your healers might already have you to full anyway.

So Monday is Hyjal night and some more attempts on Anetheron, well actually my first night for attempts, and I am tanking trash then DPSing. I started out playing it safe using hurricane and making sure the AoE tank had lots of agro before moving in... Ok, this might not have been the best plan since once I was a little too close and got the full force of the oncoming wave before they hit his consecrate... bad move, screwed up the healers timed heals, dead pally tank. Let me explain, the healers are already casting a big heal for the initial impact, oh crap Jace has agro heal him, oh crap now Mili has agro, "Mili down" we hear... DOH.

So testing strategy 2, stand behind the pally, single target a big nasty, moonfire pull... nope, doesn't work... mob hits consecrate and it is all his... feral charge in and take him off.

So then we find out the big strain on our pally tank are the casters in the back firing shadow bolts at him sometimes 4 at a time before they get sheeped or feared. So Strategy 3 which I liked, stealth off to the side and as the mobs run by I target a caster pounce him and then shift to bear and pick him up. Then I bash him to prolong the stun a little more to make sure I give the healers a little more time keeping everyone else alive. This seemed to go much better and I used the same strategy on other single targets even when the casters were not coming. A pounce, mangle, shred, bear, bash, cuts right through consecrate agro and successfully helped lessen the initial blow on the pally tank. Just be careful to give the oncoming mob enough space to not get ran over and detected early.

Ok, so on to Anetheron... 3 tries, 3 wipes, sad panda. I guess we are still having problems getting the infernals managed and I think I heard the pally tank say something about not being able to get on his fire resist gear in time since the trash took too long before the boss came which although not necessary, might have helped at least a little. Another feral druid note, don't forget to change into your dps gear as soon as you are out of combat. Make sure before the trash started you downed your DPS potion, food, and put a Adamantite Weightstone on your DPS weapon because you most definitely don't want to do that between the trash and the boss. When the last 1-2 trash mobs are being killed run away to the back of the action so as soon as you drop out of combat you can make the change.

I really think our next attempts on both these bosses will be successful.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Thanks to Bansidhe for my swell new Sig graphic shown above in my header. It is greatly appreciated and looks really cool!

Yeah, that's me in my T4 set (with some Forestlord Striders on my feet for the matching look) on my recently acquired mount Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Druid tanking tip of the Day

When tanking Void Reaver with warriors try to watch Omen and let the warriors get some initial agro and then try to balance your mauls and mangles to have your threat fall just below your fellow tanks, maybe bouncing above them from time to time. Last night I tanked Void Reaver for the first time and although I was able to maintain agro for the most part (sorry Kel, kitty burst damage is a bitch with GoA at our gear level) our 2 warriors most likely stood around with a finger up their nose as I fought for agro from the start and won the battle as the warriors sat rage starved from being totally ignored by the loot piƱata.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So I have not posted anything in a while...


Well, we have not raided much with some people unavailable and what not so not much new to report.

There have been some changes in the Alpha for WotLK as far as our talents go but since this is going to change so much before the release I don't think I am going to keep putting up the info here. There is a thread on Emmeralds forums that I started that has some conversation on the changes and what not.

You might have noticed the new format of my site, just playing around with it.

Lately I have been playing WOW a little less than usual, I started reading the Harry Potter books and now found myself drawn in to trying to finish the series. I am almost to the end of the Half-Blood Prince and then only the last book left after that.

When I am on WOW as of late I have been working on leveling my Horde hunter... well, my daughters Horde hunter since she created the character. It is a nice change of pace with different zones and quests and what not. Being a hunter is pretty fun.

Well, hopefully I will have some posts soon about some Hyjal Kills or maybe some BT kills. Our guild is looking for some more raiders to add to our ranks. We need an affliction lock, a rogue or 2, and I think some mages... bottom line we need enough people to not miss raids in case someone is sick, busy with school for a week or 2, has a pissed off wife, etc...