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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A good arena night...

I just want to give a shout out to my arena partner (Petsareus) for a good night of owning face. We went 7-3 and one loss was due to rust of taking what felt like a couple weeks off... and just a poor decision on my part. We avenged that lost on the next 2 by killing the same team twice within about 15 seconds... ROFL. They must have been absolutely confused as to how a team they just beat ran right over them twice in a row at that. Well, not having your PvP buttons ready, forgetting in general what you are about to be doing, and then going after the wrong target first can mess up what should be an easy fight.

One thing I have done that I think made a decent difference last night is stopping using maim and using rip instead. I am thinking in 2v2 it is better to burn a healer or Hybrid class than to CC him. I guess FB isn't a bad option either although I hear rip is the better way to go with damage that can sneak up on them.

We are a hunter/feral combo and so far have had a tough time breaking through to 1600 from 1500 although if last night is any indicator we might be on our way. What sucks are the new teams we face sometime that are just starting out... you know, the ones sporting full T6 and 2, yes not 1, but 2 Warglaive of Azzinoth... those teams kill us REALLY fast.

If anyone has any tips for 2v2 hunter/feral, notice FERAL, not resto, please feel free to leave any helpful comments. I am hoping to get a personal rating high enough for the S4 upgrades (boots, belt, bracers).

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