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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Magisters' Terrace

Ok, good news. Magisters' Terrace is getting nerfed in the next patch.

Until then let me give you some advice.

1. Do not run this in a pug group. You will die.... often. You will spend 3 hours and not get passed the 3rd boss. P.S. This is regardless of whether you go in Heroic or normal modes.

2. All players must be in Vent, or Teamspeak, or whatever. MrT is very much a mini raid and coordination is key.

3. Group composition is HUGE. You need a GOOD healer, a GOOD tank, and if possible 3 CC classes. Here are some of the best groups I have had to run even Heroic MrT fast...

4. If you can do what I do, get a healing buddy and always run the instance only with him/her. Just the 2 of you having exprience will go a long way regardless of who else you bring.

Druid Tank (Me)
Holy Priest (Shmilybug)
Rogue (sap)
Mage (sheep)
Warlock (seduce, banish, enslave)

Druid Tank (Me)
Holy Priest (Shmilybug)
Prot Pally Tank (Mili)
Mage (sheep)
Warlock (seduce, banish, enslave)

Could probably substitute a rogue here for either the mage or warlock and still be successful. They key is to have the pally tank everything except for the 2nd boss. On the 2nd boss he will take the adds then bubble out of the debuff while the druid tanks. The rest of the instance the druid OT's or DPS's depending on the strength of your pallies gear and your healers ability.

Druid Tank (Me)
Pally healer

This was a strong group, we even did the 3rd boss on Heroic without clearing the room! Did it on the first try at that.

So far the groups I have been on that included hunters have been a mixed bag, my guess is if you get a good one they can maybe take the place of a lock. No matter what, do not run MrT without a mage at the very least.

Ok, so now you have a proper group. Mark the mobs, communicate each persons CC responsibility, Kill the Blood Knight's first! Sheep the physicians. Use another CC on the Mage Guards and maybe even the Warlock if you have 3 CC's. Kill order Blood Knight, Warlock, Mage Guard, Physician. Make sure someone kills the imp right away, only takes 1-2 shots from range.

On the pulls with succubus have the warlock enslave and use it to kill the NPC warlock... and then sick her on everything else. Make sure the pulls are pulled WAY back. I have seen enslaved pets agro nearby groups when they are fought too close to other groups.

Ok, First boss is tank and spank and is too easy to discuss.

2nd boss is the one everyone dreads. FYI, mages can ice block out of the adds debuff. Rogues can CoS out of it. Pallies can shield out of it. No matter what fight this boss at a controlled rate. I won't say slow. Just stop DPS on the boss until the person that took the adds no longer has the debuff, then start on him again. So stop DPS on boss when adds spawn, start only when debuff is no longer on the person that killed them. Adds spawn 5 times at 85%, 70%, 55%, 40%, and 25% health. Have a class without the ability to remove the debuff take the first set. Hold DPS on boss until that player has the debuff dropped. Do the same at 70% and so forth until the last set at 25%. At 25% when the last adds spawn have a class that can eat the debuff take those last 2 and then DPS the boss down like crazy. If you have 2 classes that can eat the debuff use them and start at 40% to burn him. If you run with a pally, rogue, and mage you can start burning him at 55%.

3rd boss. The biggest pain here is clearing the whole damn room. The key to this fight is to CC the adds and burn the boss, spell interrupting her heals at every possible chance. Druids, start the fight in Cat form pouncing her from behind. Wear S3 gloves if you have them for a pounce then maim... shift to bear for a bash or a charge then a bash and then back to cat. Burn her ass to the ground, use fears on the adds that can't be CC'ed. Seduce and mindcontrol does not work in here, just an FYI. After that down the adds 1 by 1, keep the sheep sheeped and the demon banished for this.

4th boss... Kael'thas. Hey Blizz, I should get credit for killing him here for my Scale of the Sands quest! Ok, tank and spank. Have the ranged kill the phoenix by ping ponging him between them or kiting him, when it dies and turns into an egg kill it. Stay out of Kael's flame strike... yes, more stay out of the fire stuff. DPS him hard and you might beat the pyroblast. If not be prepared to burst DPS down his shield when he starts casting pyro then interrupt it. Worst case scenario tank dies and he starts doing gravity lapse. When you get thrown into the air swim back to the enterance door immediately... range dps Kael. Once the balls get close go around them to Kael and dps him up close... bottom line stay away from the balls. They move slow, it's really not that hard. When he stops gravity lapse burn him down... repeat if necessary.

Honestly, with the right group and a couple people with experience in this instance it is not bad AT ALL.


Anonymous said...

Great write up thank you I will try some of your suggestions. I think they're spot on.

As an aside, it would be helpful to mention the high level gear you're wearing, so that freshly minted 70s dont feel too inadequte when they wipe over + over wearing their quest greens + blues.

I've read a couple of nonchalent write ups of magisters terrace by raiders who mysteriously neglect to mention they totally outgear the place.

Jacemora said...

I posted my current gear setup in a previous post.


Yes, to make MrT a feasible 2 hour run you are going to need probably T4 level gear. MrT is just another place to upgrade 1-2 items and not gear up right after you hit level 70. A lot of people make the same mistake going to ZA instead of Kara.

Anonymous said...

ty !

Nice to discover your blog too, good to find out about another feral's journey through end game, you've posted lots of very helpful material.