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Monday, June 23, 2008

Anetheron bites the dust

Yes, we finally downed him and it looks like we have a good strategy and formation to get him on farm along with Rage.
You might notice I have my Wildfury Greatstaff, well at 17% our MT died and while the Hyjal foot soldiers did a pretty good job holding his attention for a little while Myself and Kelektra shifted to bear and picked up MT duties until he died. I switched both my weapon and idol to hold out as long as possible and when I died Kel took over. No Pillar of Ferocity. It was great fun, especially fighting about a bazillion mobs at the Horde encampment.


Elda said...

If you're using an addon like Outfitter, you can easily set it up to autoswitch weapons/idols for each form. You could even toss on a caster / +spirit weapon for nelf form! :)

Jacemora said...

Yeah, I use Itemrack but I also have my weapons and trinkets equipable off buttons on my screen which I prefer doing instead of having too many outfits.

In this case I have been driven to create a new macro...

/cast dire bear form
/equip Wildfury Greatstaff
/equip Idol of Terror

Jason said...

GRATS! Sorry I couldn't be on last night to say so then! Had some family stuff to take care of after I talked to you in game!

I love being druid for that reason! Just pop bear and get going!

Jacemora said...

Fun stuff, had to yell in vent to keep going... people were ready to give up the minute they saw the MT go down... Feral Droodz FTW!