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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why O Why did I let it get DE'ed?

Some new gear updates...

Grabbed Dislocating Handguards and Sinner's Bindings in the last Heroic Naxx run.

Let me just say that spending every week in Heroic Naxx to have to walk away without clearing it due to latency issues is starting to get old. I don't understand how other guilds are clearing it with the kind of lag and disconnects we are seeing every night. It makes Gluth and Thaddius impossible IMHO.

On that note, I cleared Naxx 10 for the third time and got Staff of the Plaguehound. So now I am set until Journey's End falls in Heroic Naxx... IF THE DAMN LATENCY EVER GETS FIXED!

I was really excited about putting Formula: Enchant Weapon - Berserking on my new DPS staff... until I took a longer look at the materials cost... ugh.

Lastly, Defender's Code fell and I passed and watched it get DE'd... mistake? I mean I know it's the awesome right now but post patch won't this fall pretty far down? After picking up those 2 leather upgrades I just felt wierd picking up another and my DKP was falling fast... Did I make a mistake?


Kalon said...

It's a mistake. It's not 'always wear even when naked' any more, but it's still very useful in certain fights. The on use ability is good for an ohshit button and the armor is great against really hard-hitting physical bosses like Patchwerk.

And of course, there's no idea of when 3.08 will drop, so for the next however long you won't get the chance to laugh at Patchwerk or whoever.

Sorry :( The good news is that it has a lot of chances to drop from various bosses, so you'll likely see it again.

Jacemora said...

Yeah, I think I read some where that it gets DEed a bunch.

Oh well, I will grab it next time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Im gonna grab defenders as soon as I see it too. Given that there's not much more bear loot for me in naxx, I've nothing else to spend dkp on, except cat upgrades. Weapons are the notable exception, but again, as the only feral I'll get those for minimum dkp anyway. We've already agreed the staffs & polearms go to melee before hunters anyway, so that's very comforting!

Jacemora said...

Well the thing about DKP is I still have a cloak, neck, helm, and I think ring bear upgrade in there. Except for the helm that the rogues want as well the other items are going to be upgrades for the other tanks too.

None of them wanted the code.

Anonymous said...

Awww thats too bad.

Well our dkp system can be a bit weird too as I found out tonight. I let 3 25man naxx leather pieces get DEed because 2 were marginal dps upgrades, one was an awesome healing piece. Each one would have cost me minimum dkp, and I didnt want to use it on non-bear pieces. So pieces that would have helped the guild a little get DEed instead...

I know no system is perfect but I think this is a weakness in our dkp system. We may modify it to allow people to take something for (nearly) free, rather than DE it.

Jacemora said...

Yeah, we use zero sum and in 25 man there is no way I would spend DKP on healing leather even though I do off heal or respec when needed.