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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WOOHOO, The dead love me... they really love me!

WOOHOO, looked what dropped for me last night...

Origin of Nightmares

So my plan now is post patch to put the +STA chant on it and start putting some agility gems in some of my gear... actually here is what I expect my setup post patch to be taking in consideration spending badges and such...

Hateful Gladiator's Dragonhide Helm - Going to spend some badges... Hope to have enough soon
Titanium Earthguard Chain - If our Guild JC will ever get the pattern... come on Puffer, hook a brother up!
Heroes' Dreamwalker Shoulderpads - I already have the token... need to go get these.
Platinum Mesh Cloak - Might get this before the helm... depends on 25 man drops.
Heroes' Dreamwalker Raiments - Maybe... I really like my Polar vest though.
Thrusting Bands - Most likely my next DKP purchase.
Handwraps of Preserved History - unless the post patch nerf drops them below Rapid Attack Gloves which I also have.
Polar Cord or Sharp-Barbed Leather Belt - I have both.
Heroes' Dreamwalker Legguards - Wearing these now.
Polar Boots or Footwraps of Vile Deceit - I have both.

I really need to farm for Keystone Great-Ring and will most like get a Titanium Earthguard Ring while I wait for Gatekeeper.

I really need to farm for the Essence of Gossamer. Will most likely wear that with the Commendation of Kael'thas until I get Defender's Code.

Origin of Nightmares - Right now the best Bear weapon in the game.


Kalon said...

Grats! That thing is damn sweet.

Anonymous said...

You da bear!

Jacemora said...

Thanks... after running Naxx 10 and 25 3 times a week i was glad a staff finally fell.

I got lots of grats from my fellow guildies including a Boomkin and a couple trees.

Right now I am the only feral druid in the guild... which is kinda cool.

Anonymous said...

yah i like being the only feral in guild too! no compaints from me, and hunters only get 2nd roll priorities on all my staffs - its official :)