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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The current failed state of raiding

When Blizzard decided to open the flood gates into Naxx I for one along with many thought this was a nice idea to get the more casual gamer some raiding time in a 10/25 man dynamic in some old content that was considered a lot of fun that most people missed.

It is obvious Blizzard miscalculated the sheer amount of casual gamers that would group up and venture into this old/new content as the latency created by all these players make the instance unplayable or when playable less enjoyable.

Something must be done and soon before this move completely backfires on them and they lose interest of not only the more casual player venturing into raids for the first time but also the more experienced raider that is fed up with the bullshit disconnects.

Exactly how are we supposed to get ready for the next raid encounters when we can't finish the current content due to Blizzards inadequacies?

Let's hope Blizzard either fixes the problem or makes the next level of raiding exclusive once again... although I don't know how that is possible since we can't keep 25 constantly logged in to finish Naxx in the first place.

At least 10 man Naxx is playable... hohum.


Anonymous said...

Nice, I thought you were about to launch into a snobby denunciation of easy raids, and how causal players dont deserve epic lootz, and how you pwn all and so on and so on... :P

Hehe I know that would have been very out of character. If only more people were very reasonable about the game they obvious love so much to devote 50+ hour a week to.

Anyways, yeah we get a few DCs here and here, but not a lot, and not so many that I feel its slowing down our progression. Sometimes there are long queues to logon, and occassionally it say "cant launch another instance at the moment" but I've basically found no issues, lag or DC-wise. I also use a very nice rig & a very good internet connection (after long time suffereing), and I never DC in naxx, and never "lag" (I'm not sure its always lag for some people, it may just be too many spell effects, not enough processor power)

Jacemora said...

That is a good point.

I personally don't get DCed as often as others, however when asked about their spell detail settings and what not apparently even at the lowest setting they are still getting DCed.

I do experience the latency though and this is on a Verizon Fios fiber connection at better than default speeds with QoS to my IP in the router.

I am running a dual core 3.4 processor with a serious video card and can still end up with 4-8fps in Naxx when the latency is bad.

Anonymous said...

I really dont know enough about it either, but it does seem that raids are too sensitive to the differences between people's setups, internet & hardware included. We have one player who always claims lag for his guaranteed death on thaddius. I have no idea what's going on ultimately. He claims to have spell details right down too, and has no "lag" issues anywhere else, including Heigan.

Usually when I slow down in FPS, its not lag, its lack of processing power eg in AQ40 recently! Network latency usually shows itself as running in spot, or spells taking forever to cast, just stuck on the animation. The two issues are not related as far as I can tell. You're processor may be unable to draw graphics faster than 2fps, and yet you are getting fantastic speeds of network communication (and vice versa)

Jacemora said...

Well my system was getting 50FPS+ when raiding pre Wrath and I get over 40 in 10 man naxx.

The processor is top notch and the video card not far behind. I am running 4G of ram and a striped array... I don't think my system or connection is the issue... which is also evident of all the other WOW players having the same trouble and posting in the WOW forums and an upcomming supposed fix from Blizzard.

Anonymous said...

Im sure you're right. As an IT pro, I know how hard it can be to diagnose intermittant issues that affect some users but not all, especially related to the network & internet. Quite honestly, I'm astonished that wow plays as well as it does most of the time.