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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2 Drakes up... 2 Drakes down... WOOT

We started the night on a high note with a 24 man 1 shot of Malygos and then ended the night on a high note of downing Sarth with 2 drakes up.

This was really only our 2nd partial night of attempts and not even with all our best geared raiders or any kind of optimal raid makeup in mind (25 raiders were online, 25 raiders went in... lol).

Nonetheless, everything went well as we learned positioning, assignments, when to go into the portal... lol

I am the drakes tank in this fight, we have a DK tanking Sarth, and our usual MT warrior was on adds. We had a ret pally tanking the acolyte in the portal which resulted in his death but we somehow still pulled it out. Having 1 more tank like our resident prot pally would probably make it a little easier with him tanking trash with the warrior and then the warrior tank going into the portals when they come up. DPS was not an issue, the first drake was down at least 15 secs or more before Vesp landed.

Tanking the drakes is interesting... the biggest challenge is postioning them with their backs turned to the raid while not falling into the lava and avoiding the waves. Because of where they land they tend to want to repostion between me and the lava quite frequently. Not being able to target the drakes early sucks as well as I only have a second to grab agro and move the first drake before the first wave, sometimes I don't even get to do that and the wave comes before the drake is even targetable. Fortunatley a hunter misdirect comes in handy to make sure we get him in place either way.

Best thing to do as a feral tank is target the first drake asap, hit him with a mangle, mash maul, throw a swipe, run him into postion, avoid the flame wall, turn around, BERSERK, spam maul and mangle and get a good threat lead so your DPS can go all out. I am not sure how long my DPS delays but it can't be very long with us downing him so quickly.

All in All, currently the most fun fight in Northrend IMHO and we start on 3D next week.

P.S. The Leggings of the Honored dropped, but not only did I not have enough DKP for them over our resident rogue but since I would only use them for my kitty set I had no qualms seeing these go elsewhere. Hopefully they drop again when we do 3D and I can pick them up to replace T7 pants I use for tanking when I need more stam. (I would gem/enchant my T7.5 pants for strictly tanking and wear these for DPS essentially retiring my T7 pants). Our rogue did mention that when the chest finally drops off Maly he doesn't want it so I will get a bump in my DPS set there I suppose. DKP aside in Knight Watch we are pretty good about distributing the wealth and talking to each other about gear when it falls.


Anonymous said...

Well...you know nowdays Sarth 3D is being pugged...and why use those legs for kitty 1st since for tanking are ahead t7.5 with a nice amount?
Good luck in getting the Twilight Vanquisher title

Anonymous said...

Lol, pugged 3D?! What server are you on? I've seen guild selling spots, but, yet to hear of a random pug pulling this off.