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Thursday, April 9, 2009

My last post...

on Blogger! The new site is www.Jacemora.com The new feed is http://feeds2.feedburner.com/DOTM

Yes, I have decided to make the dreaded move to wordpress. The site is up, old posts transferred, some old and some new widgets, and even a separate page for my current gear lists.

I moved to Wordpress because of the greater ease of which I can make templates and the better widgets. All in all I just like the more professional look and my own domain name.

Now that I am paying for hosting I plan on getting more into posting content, in game video, hell maybe even a blog cast or 2. Keep an eye out for my "About this site page" which I will be getting up soon which will be about where my blog has been, more about my real life, and where the blog is going in the future.

Please get my new feed, change any links on your pages (or add me, you know you want to), and let me know of any technical issues the site might be having. Also please feel free to give me tips for a better overall design or functionality I have no problem with criticism and would appreciate the advice.

P.S. to Runyarusco from Unbearably hot I swiped you feed graphic... I hope you don't mind, I really like it.

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