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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Viva La 1 night Naxx clear!

Last night Knight Watch ripped through Naxx Heroic in 3 hours 2 minutes. No wipes, quick looting, and AFK'ers were set on follow... amazingly 1 person lived through the dance set on follow... lol

We did this believe or not with 7 healers and 4 tanks. Well, 3 tanks and a Hybrid Bearcat as I like to call myself. Glyph of Rip, Glyph of Maul, Glyph of FR... so 1 of 3 for DPS and spec with both tanking and DPS abilities... can't wait for dual specs.

Anub - Kitty DPSed it, 4th on damage per WWS.
Grand Widow - Kitty again, 6th on meters. (couldn't tell if I was behind her half the time.)
Max - Kitty DPS, 4th on meters.

Patchwerk - Hurtful tank.
Grob - Kitty, first time ever not tanking adds... 9th on the meters. I would have to move a couple keybinds to improve here.
Gluth - Kitty, first time again DPSing... 6th on the meters
Thad - Kitty, had to move a lot... 5th on the meters... was not behind him enough.

Noth - Bear OT adds.
Mr Unclean - Kitty, 8th on the meter, I hate this fight.
Loath - Kitty, 8th, but I only got 1 spore.

Instructor - Kitty for the first time... 8th on the charts... frankly I was scared to go all out.
Goth - Tank Undead Side
4 Horse - Tank left side

Sapph - Kitty, FR gear, 6th on meter with only 75% DPS time... I am a good kitty and get out of ice storms :P
Kel - OT adds

Nothing better than clearing Naxx in 1 night, DPSing in the top 5 at times, always in the top 10, and tanking 5 of the encounters to boot. How people can complain about feral PvE is beyond me.

Get BadKitty and practice your rotations!


Anonymous said...

Good job bro. Well I had a very disappointing night last night - one night clear of naxx25, but we were going for glory of the raider with immortal being the final one for many people... Everyone played excellently all night... but one person died to randomness on the very last boss. It was unavoidable but it felt like a bullet to the chest. I tried to console myself my doing some exploration "achievements".... I even cleared shadowfang keep for the 1st time ever! but that was one of my most disappointing wow nights in a long time. Funny eh? You can achieve so much, but its never enough. Guess I'll get over it, there's always next week.

Jacemora said...

I hope you get it. Immortal has got to be tough to get because it goes beyond good play and experience. 1 DC during a boss fight is all it takes... or a pet Cat jumping on your keyboard... or as BRK wrote an entire page post about, a sneeze during Thadd... lol

Good luck though, but don't worry Uldar is right around the corner with new challenges.