Jacemora: Off Tanking groups of Mobs and you (AKA top the tank DPS meters)

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Off Tanking groups of Mobs and you (AKA top the tank DPS meters)

So, just a short post on tanking trash pulls and what I have found works best with the massive amount of DPS my guildies are putting out these days.

First, here is what I am wearing to OT packs of trash...

Hood of the Exodus - Just an awesome helm for both tanking and DPS, currently my MTing helm.
Boundless Ambition
Heroes' Dreamwalker Shoulderpads - Enchanted and gemmed for Kitty set
Cloak of the Shadowed Sun
Tunic of Indulgence - I will switch this to T7.5 chest as soon as it drops next in Naxx, both gemmed and enchanted for Kitty
Sinner's Bindings - Another great item for both tanking and DPS
Dislocating Handguards - Part of my current kitty DPS set.
Belt of the Tortured - Another Kitty DPS piece
Heroes' Dreamwalker Legguards - Gemmed and enchanted for my MT set
Footwraps of Vile Deceit - Another nice item for both Kitty and Bear, part of my MT set.
Surge Needle Ring
Meteorite Whetstone - Kitty DPS trinket
Mirror of Truth - Kitty DPS trinket
Origin of Nightmares - Best for tanking but also good for DPS and has Mongoose on it where my Journey's End has Berserker.
Idol of the Wastes

I also tend to tank most Heroics in this same set up.

This gear gets me lots of swipe crits, does a lot of damage and threat, and survivability seems just fine. Without taunts I can usually peal mobs off of our warrior and pally tanks no problem rotating swipe and maul.

Typically on trash I find myself somewhere between 3-5 of total damage done which is pretty darn good for a tank if you ask me, not to mention when I MT 5 man Heroics I tend to be #1 on DPS for trash as well. I bet a bunch of AoE casters out there run with me and are like wtf?


Anonymous said...

Cool! Glad to have my own experiences tanking entirely confirmed by another tank. I've been similarly ranked in total damage in 25 mans while tanking, and #1 in heroics pretty much always. Our dps is not a lot lower, and we spend a lot more time engaged in actual combat since we're the tanks. Hence the high numbers. There's a lot of warrior qq atm about our high health (or EH as some like to call it). I'm surprised there's been no qq about our damage, given that we're often doing at least twice if not 3x the damage as warriors. Its pretty sweet.

Jacemora said...

If we gear for threat, at Valorous levels we are not that much ahead of the other tanks in health. We had an early edge when Wrath was first released but they have caught up.

That being said we do still have the ability to sacrifice threat to get crazy amounts of health.

I am surprised as well that they are not complaining about doing less damage. I would think pallies would be a little upset too when our swipe>consecrate as far as damage goes. Although I would gladly give up the damage to have a 360 degree swipe.

Anonymous said...

Yo Jac, update for ya: i switched guilds to a much better one, and after a couple of naxx25s & some heroics, I've dropped considerably. I'm 4th in heroics on total damage every time, and I'm around 17th in raids. Nothing in my playstyle, buffs, gems, enchants or whatnot has changed. Conclusion: my previous guild was full of noob dpsers who dont know how to play. You may draw your own conclusions.

Jacemora said...

4th is awesome! With DK's, Ret and Hunters still PvE OP I would take 4th and count my blessings.

Are you 4th in Kitty spec, Bear, or Hybrid?

Anonymous said...

lol ! that's 4th in bear gear mostly - I should use more kitty and see what happens!

Anonymous said...

4th in Heroics means you're beating out the healers in dps, GZ + gj ;)
If you were doing 4th in raids and not 17th then you'd deserve a bigger cookie :P
Sounds like you're beating a few of the other tanks and dpsers in 25 mans though, unless you're running with lots of healers. Keep up the good work!