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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Loremaster done! Whoot!

Now I start farming herbs non stop until my DK turns out my Nobles Deck.

Anywho, I guess by now many feral Druids have seen the coming changes to FB and our new shield thing. I am not going to talk about either, they both seem... well, meh.

Supposedly the FB change is to tone down our burst in PvP. The shield thing in bear is so our mitigation somehow scales with AP, however their attempt seems pretty weak.

Question for you ferals out there... how do you veiw your role as a raid member?

I know my role seems to be one of "we are happy to have you, we will let you know if we need you Tanking, DPSing, Healing, CCing or we won't say anything and you can more or less do what you want" LOL... makes trying to decide what to spend DKP on a little frightening doesn't it? It's not for me of course cause my guild is very cool, a social guild which doesn't nitpick every members decision on gear or spec or rotation.

But I wonder how many of you hybrids out there have it worse... or maybe we have not seen how this is yet because of how easy Naxx is and once we venture into Uldar people will end up more under the microscope.

Speaking of Patch 3.1, how many of you are looking forward to the dual spec switch ability?

I tell you what I miss, being able to Tank, DPS, and PVP in the same spec. I came up with a good spec to both Main Tank and do top 10 raid DPS when not tanking but I had to leave out talents that are needed for PVP. So now if I get into a little world PvP I get my arse beat down.

Now come Uldar I most likely will not be able to MT with this spec... it's just Naxx is so easy I can get away with it but from a PvP standpoint I will prob be in a similar position. So I am thinking about a MT/PvP switch but if Uldar has encounters which might have it more benificial for me to put out more DPS or even do some healing I might have to scrap that idea.

Just patch day rambling for what they are worth.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I dig my role as a raid member - living the feral dream baby!!!!

What's wrong with the 3.1 changes? How do you know if they're "meh" or not? I think they're pretty interesting; looking forward to having more mitigation from all the crit and AP on our gear.

My role is mostly tank, with dps thrown in when we dont need the 3 tanks. In one tank fights like Loathab or Malygos, I'll wear dps gear the whole time if I'm not tanking.

I think spec switching will be cool, but I'll probably go for feral/resto. I dont care much for pvp. Mind you, isnt resto an awesome pvp & arena spec atm? It would give me a chance to do more pvp I'm sure.