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Monday, February 2, 2009

Heroic Naxx is clear and the Wrath love continues.

Let me first mention that I got to MT both Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad. Our warrior MT for the rest of that nights run was not defense capped with FR gear and had not yet had the opportunity to tank these last bosses even in 10 man.

Getting to do this really made my night as I have always been mostly an OT in my 25 man raiding history.

So we drop Kel'Thuzad Thursday night (1st week without the Lag boss) and look what drops...

Journey's End

Wow... Seriously... for someone who had to buy Staff of the Forest Lord because the staff in ZA and Kara whould never fall after a crazy insane amount of runs... I am just flabbergasted.

Even more luck had happened in the fight prior as Sapphiron dropped Gatekeeper

and before that...

Cover of Silence fell from Thaddius... WHAT? SERIOUSLY?

Somewhere in all the excitement I may have forgotten to mention I picked up Strong-Handed Ring as well... dunno if that was Thursday's run or not though.

After months of struggling to get geared up in BC and having to resort to PvP in order to get geared... 3 best in slot items fall for me in 1st kills?

I ran Kara, no lie, at least 40 times before I saw some of the better leather or the staff. Hell, at that point I had already bought or PvPed my way to better gear because we had already moved on to SSC/TK/Hyjal.

I hope and pray that the following Heroic raids in the upcoming content patches have bosses dropping multiple pieces of loot like in Naxx Heroic.

The only things left in Heroic Naxx that I need are...

Boundless Ambition or Heritage
Cloak of the Shadowed Sun

From there it wouldn't hurt to get

Tunic of Indulgence
Idol of Worship - Watch it never fall again after I passed on it twice... lol

I have still not bothered getting any T7.5 gear so I suppose I will come up with a strategy on which T7 pieces to replace first since I have a lot of DKP built up for these peices. It's looking like I will be going with Pants and probably shoulders or chest to start. I was very tempted to get my first peice after dropping Kel with the helm token falling but with both Epic helms from Heroic Naxx it just didn't make sense to do so when others are still running around in rare quality head gear. Mind you it was really tempting though for someone who never moved past T4 helm in BC... except my PvP Vengeance helm.

Look tomorrow during the server down time for a post on itemization and some curious rankings by RAWR that make no sense to me.


Anonymous said...

Dude your awesome blog is starting to degenerate into nothing more than a daily report of your loot lusts, fulfilled and unfulfilled!

hehe j/k man grats to you for winning loot ... :P

Jacemora said...

What can I say... current content is just not that difficult.

I think I am going to start some posts about my ongoing achievement solo runs and such however.

Thanks for the Gratz, I just can't help but be excited.