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Friday, December 12, 2008

Polar Gear Post

Just my 2 cents on the positives of the polar gear for those curious about getting it or already owning it...

+I was able to get the Polar set (Chest, Boots, Belt) before stepping 1 foot into a heroic instance... and it helped.

+Having a large HP pool can be really nice on healers because in combination with our Oh Crap buttons it can give healers quite a bit of leeway in a situation gone wrong or other raid members taking a lot of damage.

+Large HP pool makes Frenzy Regen and Survival Instincts better.

+The Frost resist can make some elite world tanking easier, some instance tanking easier, and will be needed for some endgame bosses from my understanding so having it crafted won't go to waste even after you get T7.

+Lets you use badges for some other slots initially and makes needing to fill chest/belt/boot slots less of a priority.

I tanked 10 man Naxx this week along with numerous Heroics and not once has a healer gone OOM due to my lack of avoidance.

Not once has my large HP been an issue with survivability or success rate.

People freak out when they see you have 41K HP which is fun.

All in all I have been really happy with my polar gear gemmed with all +25 STA gems and I don't plan on replacing it any time soon unless we hit something where my avoidance is causing issues. So far through the 1st, 2nd, and 4th wings in Naxx we have not had any issues with me tanking in this set. We have only done the first boss in the DK wing but I doubt the following 2 bosses or the final 2 of the instance are going to cause any issues either.

I believe I have around 31% dodge and 34K armor right now with these 3 pieces in my tanking lineup along with 41K HP roughly 10 man raid buffed.

With glyph of maul and proper rotation I have not had issues with losing agro on single or multiple targets.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for describing your experiments with the set. Glad to know its working out and filling gaps in your gear. Yeah I crafted the set for the naxx boss (even though ppl say you dont need it) and its sitting in my bank gemmed and enchanted atm. tbh, I've had no issues tanking any instances with my non-polar gear either, assuming other classes are appropriately geared, so I cant comment. Been getting upgrades from heroics & naxx often enough, so the content's been getting easier by the day.

The whole stamina thing only impresses ppl who dont know about tanking, I'd assume. I dont care what ppl think about my stamina pool (unless they're other feral tanks at a similar progression)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering who was healing you. Apparently a lot of the man a usage complaints come from preists. It seems having a large Health pool really drains them badly. Paladins and shamans seem to have a lot less trouble dealing with us.