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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Naxx 25 baby!

Another progression update.

I was fortunate enough to get to run Heroic Naxx last night and we downed the entire Arachnid Quarter and the first boss of the Plague Quarter.


To the feral whiners that seem to think we don't have a place in raids (I know this isn't most of you), I DPSed on the first boss and was getting around top 10ish DPS (While specced and glyphed for tanking). On the 2nd I was helping off tank and ended up saving a wipe when we had people DC and the MT died (Maul glyph FTW) by picking up the boss and continuing to hold my add. On the 3rd boss I was DPS but again picked up the boss when the MT DCed.

I am starting to think there is something to this tanking in DPS leather btw... I am going to lay out a plan to gear myself in the best possible pieces for both tanking and DPS... essentially a mix between the 2 instead of trying to min/max my DPS kitty set. Being able to pick up MT duties mid fight in exchange for a couple spots on the Epeen meter seems like a worthy goal.

On the 1st boss of the Plague Quarter I helped OT and we 1 shot him.

All in all Heroic Naxx is not that much more difficult than 10 man, you just need 25 people to not screw up instead of 10... fortunately I am in a guild with some really good players and the handful that had never even stepped foot in Naxx did an excellent job learning the fights quickly.


Orbitz said...

Grats! :D The place to me is really fun... sometimes a annoying - but for the most part fun!

Kalon said...

Congrats! I think that you'll probably find that it's even easier than Naxx-10. You can have quite a few people screw up on most fights and be otherwise fine. I actually like Naxx-10 more - it feels more challenging and tuned, and the mechanics are a bit less clunky.

Jacemora said...

I prefer the higher frame rate of Naxx 10... lol

AoE ftl in 25, brutal on my PC.

All in all the entire instance seems pretty forgiving.

Anonymous said...

Gratz! awesome to hear it. I think there's something to this dps/tank gear thing too you're noticing.

Theorycrafters (who are often big whiners) have complained that the gear doesnt have the "tank stats" it had back in the day.

But they seem to forget that Blizzard are the same people designing the gear, the classes, the mechanics and the BOSSES.

The thing is: can you do your job? The answer from ferals who actually play has to be a resounding yes! No matter what your c++ simulations are telling you, right?

Just personally, I can tell you my feral toon has rocked it up in naxx. We're the star (off)tank on patchwerk of course - our warriors went down like flies when we used them. We can MT any boss really well - and this is from my experience, not my theorycraft. And yes, I was wearing full rogue gear at the time, with tons of armor penetration and just oodles of haste.

Damnit man, if your MT keeps DCing and you can do his job just as well, maybe you should MT some of the fights for a change :)