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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Obligatory Tue Post

So instead of working on leveling my enchanting... 423 and should have already hit 425 this morning and spent the day barking on trade channel for free chants your mats and I name my 3rd child after your toon if I get a point... and no, I am not actually having a 3rd child, 2 is more than enough.

My lock continues to struggle leveling tailoring... this could be a condition of being level 71 and sitting in an inn instead of killing cloth dropping humanoids.

Inscription on my level 65 Death Knight is going well although my first attempt of a card of Nobles didn't go very well and that dang 7 of death isn't selling on the AH even though I undercut the other 4.

My herbalism is 450, not hard to accomplish when you are picking herbs for an 450 Alchemist and a Inscriptionist.

I do need to pick a 2nd profession for my DK... either Blacksmithing or Engineering or maybe even Mining I I want that kind of torture starting from level 0.


Anonymous said...

Obligatory comment on your obligatory post: cool! I love inscription, it was very easy to level it to 350. Now I just have to level the DK to 65 so I can train the last bracket. Also, so I can make the nobles deck. Yeah, I know its just an arbitrary purpose, who really needs the trinket and wow is easy blah blah... but I love it nevertheless.

Jacemora said...


Yeah, my goal was to get my DK to 65 just for inscription... mainly for velum which has really helped me level my enchanting on my main.