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Monday, December 29, 2008

The new beta of Emmerald's list is up

Wrath List

and a list I need for my level 66 DK...


Anonymous said...

Sweet thanks for linking it. Do we know what kind of criteria is being used?

Ah nostalgia... When I was a teeny weeny druid, emmerald's list was godlike. It was also very nice to browse - convenience was a big selling point. But nowadays... I have no trouble surviving the nastiest hits in the game... So tbh, I think its time to go my own way and start stacking more damage.

Polar cord best in slot? That made me laugh.

Jacemora said...

Personally I like stacking stamina.

This strategy has not failed as of yet and it allows time for the healers to heal the raid or recover from silences quite well.

I have had no complaints about being a mana sponge and the healers like the fact they have some wiggle room when healing me.

I think I have a previous post where I detailed other benefits of stacking stamina and using the polar pieces.

Now, come the next Raid's this may very well change, and I have most of the goodies to replace my polar pieces but right now I like the stamina and I hate the crappy return from adding agility.

Anonymous said...

I know they're good pieces in some contexts. I always use my set for sapphiron of course - makes that fight a joke. I guess gear lists can only get you so far, and they dont factor other gear you may have into account. I was very happy with stamina right from the start, my dodge seems fine now, so that's why I'm going after more damage (which includes stacking more expertise & hit)