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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A little progression update and Winter Veil Solo

Just a little update. I had the good fortune of tanking Naxx 10 this last week. We downed all the bosses in the first 4 quarters. I think we 1 shot every boss with the exception of...

Instructor Razuvious - Took us 2 attempts to get the timing and realize how to release the MC early.

The Four Horsemen - Took us 3 attempts to get the swap and healing down.

Heigan the Unclean - I don't remember how many attempts it took for everyone to learn the dance... maybe 5.

So we are currently 13/15 for 10 man Naxx. We went on try Sapphiron but that did not end well with myself being the only person with Frost Resist. Frost resist gear is being crafted for this weeks attempts.


Still need your Red Winter Hat? If you are a level 80 feral druid in decent gear take a trip solo to regular Nexus and down Grand Magus Telestra.

  1. Go Bear Form.
  2. Take left path
  3. Kill Dragonkin
  4. Kill Dragonkin
  5. Root pull by rooting 1 dog, kill the 3 pull.
  6. Stealth past the stasis mobs just to be safe, if you bring a friend that can't stealth just be careful not to touch them. Turn off pets if you bring a Hunter, DK, or Lock friend.
  7. Root pull by rooting 1 dog, kill the 3 pull.
  8. 3 pull on left side, kill them
  9. 4 pull in boss room, root pull and back up LoS and burn them down.
  10. Kill Boss
  11. Collect loot including your hat.

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