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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Naxx 25

We are running Naxx 25 again this week and I have decided to most likely respec for our Thursday night run.

Going to go with this... SPEC

Basically more of an OT / DPS role. Going to ditch my tanking glyphs for DPS ones as well.

My Damage was pretty decent last night, anywhere from 6th-10th but since I am more or less usually regulated to OT/DPS duties for raiding and have so little trouble in Heroics and 10 mans I think I am going to try this spec out.

Things I am giving up...

Survival Instincts - Meh, with good healers I don't it.
Feral Charge - Meh, I pull with lightning or FF usually anyway.
Natural Reaction - OK, this is a huge one... but as OT with 43K HP raid buffed I think I will live.
Infected Wounds - I don't know how losing this will play out... should be fine even in 5 mans
Imp LotP - Most likely was a waste having this to begin with... lol
Glyph of Maul - Meh, so someone needs to sheep or CC now in 5 mans.
Glyph of Regen - Meh, again good healers mean not a big deal.

Spent some DKP last night on Aged Winter Cloak.

I passed on these beauties which are on my want list so others could get geared up...

Sinner's Bindings - I really want Thrusting Bands anyway... man I am still mad at myself for not getting these before

Concealment Shoulderpads - I will probably be mad at passing on these in the future as well... lol... but Trollwoven Spaulders are not exactlly shabby.

Stalk-Skin Belt - Man was it leather night last night or what... lol... I have Sharp-Barbed Leather Belt so again just spreading the wealth.

Ruthlessness - Better than what I have in 1 finger slot but there are about a half dozen better.

Valorous Dreamwalker Shoulderpads - Ok... probably will kick myself about these too... unless we get to and defeat Kel so I can get Valorous Dreamwalker Headguard.

Idol of Worship - I just couldn't see spending the DKP on this when so many other things are out there I need DKP for like Hood of the Exodus or Gatekeeper for example. Unfortunately it was DEed.

Another 2 wings in NAXX and still no Feral staffs... typical of my luck in instances with undead.


Eglador said...

Yeah, having most of the feral staves drop from Kel'Thuzad is bad implementing I think...

Kalon said...

Most of that spec is pretty nice, and I can see the tradeoffs you wanted to make - but dude, Feral Charge? For 1 point that's one of the best mobility talents that exist, and it's just so damn fun in both bear and cat. I'd give up imp mangle before that.

Anonymous said...

Oh noes!!! You poor bear, what have they done to you???

j/k I'm sure its all cool. Well, if its any consolation, I have yet to pick up a single feral staff from naxx, but I did get the hood of the exodus, and some nice vile footwraps I think. Idol of worship is badge, not dkp. If you're anything like me, you probably have a ton of badges in your currency tab. Buy everything, even offspec !!! I was careful at first, but heroics are so fast & easy, there's no shortage of badges.

Spending all my dkp on tank gear atm, so I'm still sporting a few 70 cat pieces. Remember angelista's revenge? haha

Thank god we're going back to 25 mans this w/e. After an xmas break from scheduled raids, we're all going crazy.

Jacemora said...

@ Eglador

Heck, I would even take a tanking staff before the Kel ones.

@ Kalon

Feral Charge is fun granted but it is completely unnecessary ATM. I never use it in bear or cat honestly. I am not PvPing or losing agro and having to chase mobs. It was hard not to take it in the build just because I have always had it but you got to do what you got to do and seems as good a place as any to free up a point.

@ Anon

Idol of Worship did indeed drop from Grand Widow Faerlina.

As far as badges go I don't run a lot of heroics as I try to utilize my WOW time as best as possible and not piss off the wife. I will probably end up buying the new shred idol.