Jacemora: YES! We one shot the first 3 bosses in Hyjal

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

YES! We one shot the first 3 bosses in Hyjal

Now tomorrow we start our raid evening with the 4th boss who we got to 70% tonight and that was with a very messy attempt.

P.S. The talk about feral DPS not scaling... well so far it is just that, talk cause so far I have not seen a problem. Maybe the changes in 2.3 and new SSO gear has made a difference but the WWS speaks for itself... Yes, tanking Hyjal trash, emergency tanking a boss or 2 if need be, a battle rez here or there, and then topping the meter on the boss kill... Druid life is good.... but don't tell Blizz that :)

P.S.S. I only got strength totem but I still love being in a shammy group... can't wait til we proc WF in forms and even get GoA when they combine the strength and agility totems... going to be sick.
I would have put up numbers on rage which historically have also been high but I grabbed Medallion of the Alliance this weekend and forgot to update my ItemRack so when I changed to my Hyjal set, which I have named my raid set with Insignia of the Alliance instead of Crystalforged Trinket I ended up not getting my trinket which I had deleted already to make bag space... so I died REALLY fast... ugh.

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Jason said...

Thats awesome! Congrats Jace!

I haven't been playing lately... (should be a post about it later today or tomorrow)so I need to start leveling up that Druid again...