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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Patch 2.4.3

What this patch means to me...

1. Future runs of Heroic MrT for my Shard of Contempt just got easier. Parts of the instance were nurfed most noticeably the 2nd boss.

2. My lock now has the ability to make a 28 slot herbalism bag... this might come in handy when the expansion hits when leveling Jace and his herbalism.... druid gathering FTW!

I will not drop 1200G on a 22 slot bag. That is insane and there is no way adding 2-4 slots on my person can make back the gold spent for the space. The fact that people would even buy the other crap she has I find a little nuts. Maybe if you could see accessories on your person I could see it for some of the more vain players but outside of that happening I just don't get it.

My level 30 Horde hunter that my daughter created got her mount.

Nether Ray Fry... I see no point, I just don't have the bag space and I really am not big on collecting pets.

My lock now just casts Curse of Elements and everyone gets bonus damage... YAY... more DPS on Hyjal bosses since another lock can now use a different curse.

One of my FAVORITES...
Zoning into an instance on a PvE realm will now drop your PvP flag.

Awesome, horde if you are flagged and I am sitting around around waiting for a raid to start you are getting ganked.... nice to have something more to do pre raid while waiting than dancing as a little flaming tart.

Don Carlos' Famous Hat... yeah, I got it. The hat really looks awesome on male NE's and having a full size hunters pet follow me around is kinda cool... I don't know when I will use it much but looks neat nonetheless... Druid, don't think you can solo this guy... he scatter shots and nets you constantly and has a good amount of health.


Anonymous said...

I had the same thought about MagT - but I need the commendation, already picked up the shard when I didnt even know what it was :) haha what a noob.

I bought 2 bags last night from Haris Pilton and I love the 8 extra slots. I'm gonna start carring more healing + casting gear around now. Not to mention a ton more herbs? Why?? coz I love carrying gear around. I guess I dont really need them.

But someone please someone tell me, if you have one toon you play most of the time, and 12k - 50k gold - as a lot of people seem to have - just what the hell are you supposed to spend all that money on??? I mean, its not like you can even invest it :P

Jacemora said...

I think I just hit 9K gold... and I am saving for WotLK cause you know there is going to be gear to buy, mats to buy for gear to make, and then some crazy cost for Epic Ice Flight...lol

If I had 50K gold I would have bought a bunch of those bags.

Anonymous said...

Wouldnt it be fun if they introduce a new currency into Wrath: the mithril piece for example? 1 mithril=100 gold? Though I guess it wont happen since it's not in the alpha.

I'm operating on the assumption it will be as reasonable/easy to make gold in Wrath as it is in BC. Otherwise, all the newbie levellers are going to be pretty stuffed. I like to horde gold for a rainy day too! But so far that rainy day hasn't come.