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Monday, July 21, 2008

Looking forward at WotLK gear

Looking at some of the first leather that drops from quests or mobs or what not... I am seeing gear with STAMINA... some with agility and expertise... and ATTACK POWER.

My guess is the way our DPS is going to scale is going to continue to fall more in line with sharing rogue gear. No matter what I think for leveling we as ferals are going to now have a set of leveling greens and blues to bag with our raiding purples as Stamina and Armor will become more important on our DPS gear for leveling survival.

Adding some of this new gear in Rawr, it looks to be near Kara quality but does not touch badge upgrades from the Isle... I dunno, maybe leveling in Arena S3/S4, badge gear, and 2T4/2T5 will be the way to go with the 2 pieces of tier bonus.... Instant cast HoT's FTW?

Raiding feral druids are going to have a lot of options depending on your leveling style I suppose.

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