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Monday, July 21, 2008

FOSHIZZLE!... Azgalor Down

So yeah, I said it too... FOSHIZZLE!

After making the gear changes to make my Bear tanking set stronger I took considerably less damage tanking Azgalor this week than I did last week. Dodged 60% of his attacks and had a Disc priest using Pain Suppression on me too which helped.

No T6 gear, no Staff off stingy butt Anetheron, but lots of fun and a couple cool Archimonde screenshots I will put up later today.


Jason said...

That is awesome! Congrats! You have some bad luck on those drops though...

Jacemora said...

Meh, I plan on being the last to pick up T6 just as I was the last to pick up most of my T5.

But yeah, you would have thought the staff would have fallen by now and we have not seen it even once.

Kalon said...

We've seen it twice. And it went to offspec both times. Pillar is really crap as far as itemization goes; having no avoidance really, really hurts in all the encounters that you'd actually be tanking in BT and Hyjal. Azgalor doesn't want tons of stam, he wants armor and avoidance. Same with Archi. Gurtogg and Mother are the same way. The Pillar is inferior to Staff of the Forest lord for trash tanking (it doesn't have as good of threat or avoidance) and inferior to wildfury for main tanking.

Really, you won't miss it at all.

Jacemora said...

A. It's one of the few things I can actually get out of Hyjal.

B. It's a good caster tanking staff where avoidance is not needed.

C. There is no C, outside of that I have no idea why it's even a drop.

Kalon said...

Ironically, a third one dropped last night. It went to another resto druid. :)

It really shouldn't be a drop. It really shouldn't exist at all. Honestly, what they should have done is just taken Earthwarden and given it a higher ilvl and gone that way. It would've been fine. Instead we get this high threat, high stam, no avoidance item that isn't great for cats or bears.

And I hear ya about no gear in Hyjal. It's the tier pieces and if you're lucky and your guild swings that way, maybe a couple of DPS pieces.

I'm still trying to think of a fight where I'd be tanking and it'd be a 'caster' tank situation. None of the Hyjal fights. Maybe Teron, if you look at it weirdly, though he hits really hard. Yeah...I dunno. Any thoughts on where you'd use it?

Jacemora said...

2nd/4th boss Heroic MrT.
Tanking Kiggler in Grull.