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Monday, July 28, 2008

A drool moment brought to you from WotLK

Bloodwood Greatstaff



Fathul said...

What about that staff gets you excited? It has no stamina or agility, which makes it subpar for tanking. It has no agility, haste, hit, crit, armor penetration, and less AP than the level 70 badge staff, making it subpar for dps. Expertise is nice, but with so few other worthwhile stats I wouldn't use it over Earthwarden, let alone Staff of Primal Fury/Wildfury Greatstaff/Staff of the Forest Lord.

Jacemora said...

Most of these items will change before the release, my guess is this will get some stats on it of some sort. If nothing else it offers an absolute ton of Expertise, over 3 times the amount of EW and with more armor and more AP. Dodge can be picked up elsewhere as well as the missing stamina. This is 1 item that can be used to get a good chunck of the expertise you need to reduce parries and have less spike damage. Where will it factor in... not sure but it is nice to see at least a glimpse of tanking weapons to come.

Kalon said...

I seriously hope this isn't a glimpse of tanking weapons to come. Having no stamina or avoidance makes this basically a threat weapon, except that it has worse AP than the current best threat weapons.

This is like a blue version of Pillar of Ferocity but without the stamina to justify it as a tanking weapon.