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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I updated the gear post

I decided to add in the Kara gear since so many people are running Kara now even on a pug basis. Kara really is the single best place to upgrade your kitty gear if you are not running 25 mans. ZA is another place to go but requires a better geared and coordinated group to make it work.

I highly recommend getting to Kara as often as possible before the expansion if your goal is to get equipped for feral for expansion leveling. You get 23 badges per full clear and you can see all the possible kitty gear that can drop in there in my gear post.

The only gear you can't get from Kara drops is a good DPS trinket (The vial from Opera sucks) so that say's a lot about the importance of running this instance if you want to gear up for feral. Fortunately though there are many alternatives of gear that is better or on par with these drops and that gear is listed first in my gear thread as the fastest way to get geared instead of waiting months for a certain upgrade to drop and win the roll on.

Again, the post does not go into gear that is available past Kara. No 25 man raids have been considered in the post.

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