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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bad Economy

Ok, Explain to me this... if the economy is so bad why...

Can't about 50% of the people that want Wii's find them to buy?
Wii Fit? Yeah right.
New Apple Iphone... no.

and the reason I am on this rant, my new Sunpass mini sticker... everyone is out.

Just look at the Blizzard Authenticator, gone. Heck, they could have sold these for $19.99 and charged shipping and they would have sold them out.

I once read a BRK blog about a good way to tell if the economy is doing bad is by the quality of service in lets say a fast food joint... well guess what, that lady that took my order at McDonalds today.... no way she had a degree and was slumming.

Sure, home values are down and gas prices are up but really it just means those of us that were able to get out of debt, get nice homes, maybe even a 3rd car for fun and still live high on the hog before the turn just have to go back to being middle class and watching our budgets again... it's really not that bad. My guess is someone, somewhere didn't like all the Americans coming out of debt and somehow the economy is getting manipulated to put us back into it.

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