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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lurker down... again

I really don't like this fight much. I absolutely hate attacking things while in the water... hate it. Must be my kitty nature coming out.

Anywho, I tested my new Idol of Terror and I guess I like it pretty well although I have to disagree with it's reported proc rate of 85% in kitty form.

Both Kelektra and I used the idol last night and from looking at the WWS stats it proc'ed about 65% of the time.

On another note, I really need some key gear from Kara still just to get my plus hit up to the cap. Using Romulo's Poison Vial just flat out sucks and I would like to get my CrystalForged trinket back into play.

On the next Lurker fight I will equip my Everbloom Idol to see what kind of a difference in DPS you can expect on a fight that is pretty chaotic for melee DPS.

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