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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Doomwalker Dead!

We killed our first world boss last night.

After a unsuccessful first attempt let me give you my Druid tips for living through the last 20% of this boss while he enrages.

1. Have at least 5 really good healers over healing the living crap out of you.

2. Idol of Terror, Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch, Badge of Tenacity when he hits 20% and you taunt him onto you if your Idol buff is not up pop 1 of the 2 trinkets... when that is up, again if Idol buff is not on pop the other one... when that runs out pray your Idol final proc'ed or you might be kissing your big bear butt goodbye... if another tank picks him up before you die be nice and pick him back up if you get back to full health and the Idol procs again.

3. Elixir of Major Agility, Elixir of Major Fortitude, Spicy Crawdad, and any scrolls you might have on you like +Armor or +Agility. I like Flask of Chromatic Wonder but it is way too expensive... once I level my Warlock alchemist alt I will most likely do what she needs to do to make these.

4. Every possible raid buff to increase your HP.

Gear wise I tried to balance mitigation and stamina for this fight... I think I was able to wear Necklace of the Deep with 2 Solid Star of Elune and still be uncrittable. I don't remember my exact gear makeup but I think I was at roughly 30K armor, 20K HP, and 47% dodge.

Congrats to BRK and his shiny new gun Barrel-Blade Longrifle and whoever ended up with the Anger-Spark Gloves... like most men I was too busy checking out the pretty gun in the character screen and completely missed who got the gloves.

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