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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hydross Down

Hydross is toast. What an interesting fight... I think we have it down now and it really is not too tough, just need lots of DPS it seems to beat the enrage timer. Here is the VIDEO.

Feral Druids tanking the adds in this encounter should manage the fight like this...

1. Go cat form and DPS hydross between tanking the adds... yes your gear sucks and is ugly but you still do more damage in kitty and every bit helps.
2. When the raid leader calls to stop all DoT's continue to Shred and Mangle Hydross only... no more rips.
3. When the raid leader calls to OT for position and transfer Hydross to the other state switch to bear (hopefully you have your points in Furor like a good Feral should) and hit enrage to make sure you are ready for add duty.
4. Stand right under Hydross with the raid pally and as soon as the adds are drawn in by concecrate hit Roar and start spam swiping while tabbing through the targets... do this 1-3 times and then mangle/taunt at least 1 add off the pally so he doesn't die... a second if there are only 2 tanks CCing the adds.
5. As soon as the adds go down shift back to kitty, mangle Hydross start spamming shred.
6. Repeat, Back to 1. with you.

Wed. night is Gruul... again... geesh I hope I get my T4 pants already... cheap only, I mean heck we are already in T5 content so there is really no point on blowing much DKP for these now...

After Gruul should be Mag's Lair and we are ready for our Champion of the Naaru title.


merbles said...

Just some comments:

#2 you got this switched around. Should be just Mangle and no more Lacerate.

#4 just to clarify, should be using demoralizing roar and don't forget to use challenging roar for emergencies. Also, when a mob comes lose, use charge instead of running after it.

Jacemora said...

Fixed #2... I don't know why I even put Lacerate considering I am in Cat form at the time :P

As far as #4 I am pretty sure opening with a Mangle is always more snap agro not to mention the chance at a Idol proc. We now do this with 3 tanks and we have found that just picking up one of the 4 adds immediately and just holding agro on the 1 leaving 2 for the pally works really well. It really was not possible to pull agro off the pally by spam swiping or alt tabbing lacerate. Just grab 1 and keep agro on him until it goes down then pick up another if any are left.