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Thursday, October 16, 2008

So I am a little bummed.

Logged Jacemora... Talented up, went and soloed an old world instance for the achievement. Meh, whatever.

Yes, Swiping to AoE is fun. Mangle in bear does serious damage... yadda, yadda. Reports still have us not putting out great DPS compared to the other classes even with every last point in cat talents. Bear... I don't know, all I did was dabble with some old instances in full season gear for the armor bonus that has not been stripped yet.

Logged my Lock, Talented up in the Demon tree for Demon form... went on a Heroic run... meh. Demon form is silly. I guess it is useful to save someone if a mob gets away from the tank (which it shouldn't these days). I don't feel like I am doing any more damage then I was before and then you read about the fun mages and balance druids are having... bleh, my lock is not that much fun now... I might try another spec I suppose.

Logged my level 65 Horde hunter... OMG... hunters not only are so much fun now with getting exotic pets (I am running around with my white core hound Slurpee) but I am taking on 4-5 level 65 mobs with a level 60 ape without breaking a sweat.

I will say right now, had I leveled this hunter alliance I very likely would have changed mains. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't.

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