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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OMG another long Tuesday

Ok, so I am posting today out of sheer boredom.

I have already taken a visit over to Elitist Jerks and read a little of the long Feral WotLK thread... seriously, I don't know how they expect people to read a 130+ page thread.

Let me give you the summary.
  • A perfect DPS rotation is still unknown
  • Once it is known it will be a major PITA to keep it going

I took a look at most everyone's blogs but got tired of reading their thoughts on the Zombie invasion.

I added a couple of songs in my project playlist that I heard on the satellite radio this morning.

I read a couple posts on Emmerald's forums, nothing new or interesting jumped out.

Things I am trying to get done...

  1. Exploration - I can't believe all the little nook and crannies I missed in some areas. This is a great thing to do at work between calls.
  2. Gnome rep - it's the last one I need for the Achievement. I finished Exodar last night through questing on Azuremyst Isle and finished the exploration while I was at it.
  3. 2 more bosses in DM - killed the PITA demon dog where you have to down all the damn shield generators.
  4. Loremaster - Ugh
  5. 50 pets - I think I need like 6-7 more. I have all the horde ones and alliance ones through vendors so it is getting down to drops and grinding.
  6. 50 mounts - I just can't decide on this one. I bought all the dwarf mounts and was ready to buy all the horses, tigers, and elephants but I hate seeing my gold go down.
  7. Work on Outland dungeon completion - Last on my list since I am so pissed I have done all these already but didn't get credit. That and to finish it completely I will still need Archie (my guild keeps shying away from even attempting him), Illidan, and Sunwell (doubt I ever see this at all).
  8. Get my horde hunter to level 70 - might grind some invaders and try to get some epic gear on the cheap.

So off to surf the web, hopefully the servers are back up soon.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just another day in the life of a wow addict like me! hehe, well achievements I've been ignoring more or less. They dont turn me on. I still like romping round heroics for badge-->gem AH fodder, because they're so easy and fun (wear dps gear to tank).

Illidan - we just killed for the first time at the weekend. He's a lot more forgiving. Took that tanks some time to get the flames strat, and the lock & MT some time to figure phases 3&4... but with some practice it was fine, almost perfect execution when we killed him. I'd consider him on farm now... as long as we go back with the same players.

SWP we're getting into too - 1st 2 bosses should be cake; we nearly did Kal after only 2 tries. So I recommend pushing ppl to go in there. We're one of the top guilds on our server, and we've only just completed BT post-nerf. So we're a noob server, but if even we can get into sunwell, i'm sure you guys can.