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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kael is down... and Vash... again...

Let me start by saying to all the QQers that don't like sharing the title, get over it.

Is Vash and Kael easier... Yes.

Can a bunch of players with heroic gear and a couple of Kara peices pug it?

No. Absolutely not.

Both fights have become more forgiving but both still need everyone to work together, do the right things, and think fast on thier feet.

Having downed Vash pre nerf, I can appreciate the difference but I wouldn't belittle the accomplishment even still.

The only thing that kept me from downing Kael before the nerf was a lack of time and interest from other players with the pending expansion... and a couple of complete morons in a couple pug attempts.

The Vash fight still needs the coordinated effort she always has but the adds go down faster so a couple of screwed up core tosses won't wipe the raid... which is nice. You still have to be good, just not perfect like it used to be.

The Kael fight does not seem that different. The bosses and weapons do go down a little faster but it is still about doing the right things and making few mistakes. By no means is it a gimmie fight from the patch... just a little more forgiving.

Will I be sporting my new title... I dunno... Jacemora Jenkins still has a nice ring to it (especially to those who know me) and Guardian of Cenarius might be in order as well.


Eglador said...

Do you still get the title for killing Kael? I thought they had removed that with 3.0.2

Jacemora said...

I thought they were removing the title as well, but it is still there. You get it as part of the achievement for downing him and Vash.

Eglador said...

Then I totally have to kill him, as we didn't do it before.