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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ok, starting to have fun again...

Note to Blizzard:

Tune all raids, even pre BC raids, to the usual levels above the allowed players. That way instead of experiencing old content at breakneck speed it can be something challenging guilds could add to their accomplishments.

I have really enjoyed these couple trips into old content like MC and AQ40 but if these scaled up in difficulty it would be more game that is still challenging for people to experience.

Ok, I am now focused on achievements on my main. Blizzard added the ability to track old low level quest givers on the mini map so I plan to work extensively on getting my Loremaster done.

I am currently trying to get done the achievements for the world event which led me to the BG's for some NERDS rage... which leads me to a PvP topic.

Without getting the 51 point talent in order to have OoC for raiding some BT and maybe Sunwell I found a nice combo to burn cloth wearers CRAZY fast.

Prowl, Cat Charge, Pounce, Mangle, Shred, Shred or Mangle depending on position (keep an eye on combo points we want 5 here), Tigers Fury, Ferocious Bite.

If you spec for PvP/Arena having Berserk might be better than OoC, but either way if you put points into Infected Wounds and Rend and Tear I think the above combo will drop any cloth wearer before they can do anything. Frost mages might have a little window to get some distance but for them save the kitty charge for after you shift out of their frost nova.

I think I am going to respec next week from mainly tanking talents to mostly PvP Cat talents and take a whack in arenas with a BM hunter and a core hound stomping around.

On another note, I am starting to get a little drawn to testing out a Boomkin build. I have some decent caster gear in the bank and might play around with the idea of leveling 70-80 as a Boomkin.

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