Jacemora: Prince is Down, Now 10 of 13 in Kara!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Prince is Down, Now 10 of 13 in Kara!

We downed Prince last night after a couple of unsuccessful attempts and complaining of the "luck" factor in this particular fight. No doubt this fight can be impossible if the nasty infernals fall a certain way. Doom was the lucky winner of the T4 helm, Grats to Doom.

I hate Enfeeble. After realizing that there was no way I could clear out in time once I saw my kitty get all sick looking I starting running a couple seconds before enfeeble and then turning around if I did not get it just to be safe. Also, right before enfeeble came through I would look to see where our ranged classes were standing so I would know exactly where it was safe to run. All in all we definately got the strategy down and a little luckly placement with the infernals, here is the result in video...


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