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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aran is down

Well we brought down Aran last night which was fun and then tested the water unprepaired with Prince. After 2 attempts and bad luck from the fire gods we called it a night but had lots of fun. Unfortunately we missed on Illhoof due to lack of AoE.

I am really enjoying playing my druid and getting to play in a tanking and dps roll and experiencing the fights from both aspects. Being able to heal my group in a pinch is nice too when you have like 5% left on a raid boss and want to assure a victory.

This is my first blog post but there will be much more to come including what strategy I followed to lvl my character to 70 quickly and links to druid endgame gear guides with error footnotes. Anyone wanting great Druid info ASAP should go to Emmeralds Druid Info Center

YouTube Video bringing down Aran - VID

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