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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nightbane DOWN!

So here it is, we are down to Netherspite and then Kara is clear!

Hopefully I will get the Longboots soon from Moroes and the gloves I need from Attumen although my need for the gloves for DPS is no more from getting some Windslayer Wraps crafted. They are still really good for tanking and I plan on gemming them for that set until I get the T4 gloves from Curator.

Going through my list of needs, they are dwindling down for me but finding groups when I have the chance to do heriocs is problematic... :( Even then, Kara gear is leaps and bounds better than any drops I am going to get from Heriocs or otherwise short of spending a lot of time in BG's. Now that Emmerald has adjusted his math and updated his feral druid spreadsheet it is evident that a couple of PvP items are actually quite desirable in some of the druids gear. Take my wrists for example that are higher on the DPS chart than the Kara maiden equivilent. The Veteran's Dragonhide Bracers are significantly higher in DPS with more mitigation to boot. They are also high in the bear mitigation dept. but since I have them gemmed for DPS I might be sticking with Umberhowl's Collar for now.

Going forward I am concentrating on Rep with Lower city for my Epic flight form, Rep with CE so I can get Earthwarden, Herioc Bot for a shot at Feral Staff of Lashing, Rep with Skyguard for the Skyguard Silver Cross, enough badges for the Bloodlust Brooch, PvP for odd and end gear while I wait for epic leather to drop in Kara, and even a little arena action hopefully to eventually get the Merciless Gladiator's Maul which is the highest druid DPS weapon in the game.

I think it is going to take the top gear in every slot to keep up with our DPS classes.

In other news, I am very happy with my current tanking gear and the only way that is going to get significantly better is with T4 replacements and Earthwarden... and those damn Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation that just won't fall for me. PvP is going to work here for my feet upgrade Veteran's Leather Boots until someone can make me Boots of Natural Grace. I have Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch and the Badge of Tenacity but if I am lucky enough to get the Argussian Compass I won't mind :P

For any druids out there interested Emmeralds gear rankings can be found HERE

So why am I rambling about my gear needs... It's Tuesday, I can't get on and do my stinking Skyguard dailies, and Prince continued to rain infernals down on us last night in the worst possible places... watching prince go to 1%-2% health a couple of times just to watch us wipe because infernals fall on our heads really sucks.

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