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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Malygos down!


Gratz goes out to all my guildmates, great work getting him down on our first real night of attempts.

I even got a little something for my trouble...

Favor of the Dragon Queen and 1000 Rep with Wyrmrest.

Just a couple notes for those of you that might be having trouble with phase 3...

1. The only thing I watch is the middle of the screen for incoming damage and the raid warning that Malygos is looking at me. I can also see my combo point yellow blocks from my IceHUD mod... at least I think that is where they are coming from, or it is the WOW default UI combo points indicator.

2. When I start seeing constant 10K damage ticks I know to move left (or which ever direction your guild has determined everyone will move) until they stop. While moving left even if not facing Malygos I can still fire off 1's and 2's

3. If Malygos looks at me I hit my shield if I have combo points, if not I hit 1 and then start mashing my shield so it comes up as soon as I have the energy for it.

P.S. Since I was having trouble targeting Malygos I started targeting him from the raid frames target of my party. I think it sucks that you can't just use the target nearest enemy from keybinds and have that work.

P.S.S. You might want to move the exit vehicle button from the middle of the screen and put it somewhere else. Hitting that by accident really sucked... lol

So now that we have cleared all WotLK content it sounds like we are going to start working on more than 1 drake up in the near future. Should be fun, hopefully the last 2 pieces of Valorous will finally fall so I can pick them up. Helm and Chest and I am essentially done gearing up for both tanking or DPS in Uldar which will be useful with the new dual spec ability going live in the next patch as well as the bear nerf basically regulating us to poor OT status with Pallies and DK's being better for AoE tanking and Warrior's the better single boss tank... lets hope they figure this out on the PTR and don't make us the last tanking choice in Uldar.

Feel free to read the discussions on the bear changes on Emmeralds site or EJ and draw your own conclusions but I can easily see where I will just be OTing 1-2 trash mobs and then speccing into full on kitty for the boss fights... not that I have a problem with that especially with the Kitty buffs headed our way.


Anonymous said...

Grats on the kill, thats awesome! I always use a /target Malygos macro, bound to a key, which does the trick for phase3.

Not sure what all the doom & gloom tanking vibes are about these days. As always, I can only assume the majority prefer doom & gloom to light & positive. Since it goes directly against Blizzard's design philosophy of having all tanks tank all encounters, the discussion seems (mostly) ridiculous to me. I plan to be tanking all the way to lvl 90 and beyond - see you there!

btw, I was toying with speccing feral/boomkin. wdyt? This is with the assumption that bear tanking is going to be awesome in 3.1, of course :P

Jacemora said...

I have thought about the same dual spec possibility but with Tank/Hybrid Spec and Boomkin.

OT and Melee DPS with 1 spec and switch to Boomkin for the fights that are more ranged friendly.

The only reason I am most likely going to shoot this down is from the difficulty of collecting the casting gear on top of what I already need for feral.

Not that it isn't possible but I prefer to run content for as short a time as possible allowing others a chance to get in... that and I am considering a Feral Hybrid/PvP build.