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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kiity upgrade from solo questing...

Yes, another list. This is one where it is possible to get upgrades from solo questing in wrath. Basically a list of the best possible gear in each slot that you can get solo questing. There are better in slot from group quests or quests inside instances but for now I am going to list stuff you can do all by yourself. I won't get into crafted items either even though there are some pretty good one's out there for you daily gold grinders. Keep in mind some T5/T6/S3&4/badge gear from TBC might still be better than these items.

Head - Tirion's Headwrap from questline starting with
Into The Frozen Heart Of Northrend which to obtain you must complete all pre-requisite quests at The Argent Vanguard as well as the Valley of Echoes.

Neck - Betrayer's Choker or Choker of the Betrayer from quest chain the starts with an item Unliving Choker which drops from Withered Troll. I prefer the hit rating on the first one.

Shoulders - Spaulders of Frozen Knives from Sons of Hodir Honored rep. The quest chain They Took Our Men!, began by Gretchen Fizzlespark in K3 within The Storm Peaks, begins the path of reputation for the Sons of Hodir. You will need this rep anyway for Wrath shoulder enchants. If I remember correctly every quest in the chain can be soloed.

Back - Cloak of Holy Extermination from Honored with Argent Crusade. Visit these locations for quests rewarding reputation.

  • Dawn's Reach in the Dragonblight
  • Light's Breach in Zul'Drak
  • The Argent Stand in Zul'Drak
  • Argent Vanguard on the edge of Icecrown
Chest - Exotic Leather Tunic from Junk in My Trunk quest in Utgarde Pinnacle. You have to be level 78 to get the quest but after that you can quietly stealth through the instance picking up the items needed away from agro range of mobs. You will need to reset the instance at least once to get all the items.

Wrist - Njorndar Furywraps from a questline starting from an item Dr. Terrible's "Building a Better Flesh Giant" dropped from killing Apprentice Osterkilgr in Icecrown.

Hands - Rough Climber's Grips from the quest The Reckoning which is in the same line you should be doing for Son's of Hodir reputation... see above for where the questline starts.

Belt - Belt of Njorndar from quest The Sum is Greater than the Parts which you are already doing for your wrists above and is part of the same questline.

Legs - Cured Proto-Drake Leggings from quest Discipline yet another quest in the same line of quests for Son's of Hodir rep... see above.

Feet - The Darkspeaker's Treads from quest Mind Tricks which technically is a 3 man quest however since I was able to solo him. You are going to have to use all your cooldowns, potions, trick, stuns and heals to get it done but it is doable.

Ring - Signet of Bridenbrad from Light Within the Darkness which supposedly starts from the same chain for the helm Into The Frozen Heart Of Northrend. A tale of valor is the next quest after you get the helm and the chain just keeps going until you get this ring.

Signet of Baron Sliver from quest Free Your Mind which is a chain starting with It's All Fun and Games.

Trinket - Fezzik's Pocketwatch from questlines starting with Defending The Vanguard and other questgivers with Argent Vanguard on the edge of Icecrown. Just keep doing quests until you get it, there are like 2-3 quest chains you have to do to open up the final quest The Last Line Of Defense.

First Mate's Pocketwatch from long quest chain starting with Orfus of Kamagua. Just keep following the quests til you get the trinket.

Idol - To my knowledge their is most likely no upgrade you can solo to get over whatever you have now.

Weapon - Staff of the Sorrowful Chieftain from quest Wanted: Ragemane's Flipper. You need to be level 74 to get the quest but I think I soloed it at level 78 or 79. Another option is Hardened Vine of the Mauler which is from a questline starting with On Brann's Trail.


Eglador said...

Some of your item links are referring to blogger.com and not to wowhead.com, I thought to let you know so you can fix them. :)

Jacemora said...

Thanks for the info... fixed it.