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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

HUGE Feral Druid news


The best change is... No more party size requirement for damage reduction. Unfortunately this won't be in effect for when Wrath hits... hopefully it won't take too long for the change to make the O crap solo leveling situations a little easier.

No more bear multiplier for armor from accessories. I have mixed feelings about this because of all the stuff I have that is probably no longer best in slot but it should mean less time in the expansion trying to min/max finding that 1 piece of gear because of it's bonus armor. Funny, with the ability to talent uncritable the resillience gear and chants went the way side and now this... I guess we are now really close to having 1 set for bear and kitty... I guess we shall see.

P.S. When this change hits be ready with new gear to swap in for cloak, rings, trinkets, and possibly even weapon.

And there you have it.


Anonymous said...

OMG this is too wonderful! After a momentary pang of anxiety, I kept reading and saw that the total mitigation will remain the same, and will remove the "must have, no choice" nature of some of these trinkets.

And protector of the pack? Well, they'll have to rename the talent right since you're no longer protecting any pack when you're solo! Looks like all the QQ worked! (jk Im sure there were good reasons they changed it)

Jacemora said...

I can't help but to still be a little worried about the coming changes... they just never seem to gt feral druids right.

Anonymous said...

Ah pretty much every spec (except prot warrior, interestingly enough) are worried about the changes, so you're not alone.

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