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Monday, May 19, 2008

There is a new Boss in SSC

Woot! Vash is down!

Here is my take on the fight from a feral druid stand point...

1. Kitties hate static charge.
2. Make a shift Macro for both bear and cat forms. /Cast !Cat Form and /Cast !Dire Bear Form These are to brake Vash snares so you can continue to DPS or pick her up in case all your Pallies are dead and the MT is stuck in a snare.
3. Use dash to get to poison elementals faster, loot the core, toss it up.
4. Try to kill elementals fast, killing elementals at the top of the platform is a risky proposition with strider's walking around in circles fearing everything.
5. Stay away from the front of Naga, they will kill you.

Last night was fun, we finally got her down. We wiped lots, once I killed a poison elemental and tried to loot the core just to have a naga spawn right on top of me so I hit it instead of looting the core and was quickly killed... that sucked of course.

Bring on Kael. XD

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