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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well, I have done some reading today and it looks like I might just try some power shifting in the near future. There are a couple of big time Macro's written out there to take advantage of the 2.3 patch change in client side shifting with minimizing energy lost in the shift and even combining it with potion use such as Haste Potion or Insane Strength Potion.

I don't see using the Macro except for certain fights or at certain times. I think using it for trash might be a nice way to boost overall raid DPS (if I can avoid agro, which lately seems tough) and also use it for boss fights like Leo for example when he is in human phase since as Melee we have so little time to get in hits before the last 15% phase... then again when he hits 15%. I would turn the macro off (the macro can be toggled on and off) for DPSing in his demon phase just in case the mana for a battle rez might be necessary.

Depending on how this works out I will most likely respec for the Intensity talent and also Natural Shapeshifter pulling points from Nurturing Instinct and Primal Tenacity. That will suck for my PvP nights... no more WTF pauses from warriors and rogues trying to stun me...

Anyway, once I have the time to get this installed and tested I will report back as to my findings as how it impacts my DPS, agro (shudder), and raid utility.

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