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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Zul'Aman Clear!

Add the 10 man raid Zul'Aman to my full clear list. Was a lot of fun even though we lost the roll on the Tiny Voodoo Mask and Blood of Zul'jin. I did get Bladeangel's Money Belt which was kinda nice even though I blew 60 badges over a month ago for Waistguard of the Great Beast.

In typical Wow fashion for me Berserker's Call didn't even fall so I will continue using my antiquated trinkets until I can get Tsunami Talisman or Shard of Contempt the later of which I have also not seen in my last half dozen or so runs of Heroic Magisters Terrace.

At this point it is all about the trinkets since I am sitting on 2T4, all the possible badge upgrades, and S3 gear to fill out the rest. Until T6 and Black Temple me DPS will not change much short of taking up the powershifting hobby or improving my trinkets.

I was able to get Breastplate of Malorne from a Mag's run which completed my T4 set... WOOT... my first full set playing Wow. This was important for 2 reasons, flexibility in which 2T4 to wear for the bonus for DPS going forward and I am now getting the 4T4 bonus for tanking while wearing my first piece of T5 Nordrassil Feral-Kilt. This makes Tanking Tidewalker and the FLK add a little easier.

Last but not least, we downed Rage Winterchill on our first try... but he is so easy.

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