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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A'Lar down

Well, it's Tuesday... no WOW for at least 5-6 hours I suppose.

Last night AC downed A'lar for the first time I am sure of many more to come... well, that's about it.

I finally got my first piece of T5 gear in the form of pants. We lose armor and stamina putting them on but gain Hit and avoidance and did just fine with them tanking Tidewalker last week. I also used the new tanking neck from SSO which added some expertise... not much but enough I think to avoid a little more burst damage from parries. Looking at our WWS numbers from the prior week the Hit and extra avoidance from changing to the T5 pants and new neck equaled about another 3% to avoidance and shrank TW's avoidance of our attacks noticeably.

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