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Thursday, April 2, 2009

My 3 main gear sets

I have added a pretty cool set of html code to my rightmost column showing the gear I wear for MTing, DPSing, and Trash Tanking.

Keep in mind there are some situational items not shown that I might wear for fights like Saph, Sarth, and Patch like Polar Chest, Boots, Belt along with possibly even some T7 gear enchanted and gemmed for stamina.

Also note that because I am hybrid spec best in slot for me can be somewhat different than if I were a straight DPS feral. Basically I am wearing best in slot for DPS considering my talents with the exception of cloak from Kel, Chest from Maly, and Pants from Sarth 2D.

You might also notice I favor the strength proc idol from swipes when I am bear tanking trash packs.


Draenors said...

I think that Idol of Perspicacious Attacks (120 Maul damage, 24 Swipe damage) looks interesting. It looks better than Idol of Idol of the Wastes for trash-tanking to me, and better than Idol of Terror for MTing as well, at least for fights where you don't need extreme avoidance.
I'm not sure they have fixed the Idol to work for Cat-Swipe.

By the way, I found it funny that you only use Tabard of the Achiever for MTing ^^

Anonymous said...

Afaik the Idol of erspicacious Attacks only works for bear-swipe.

Coldbear said...

Just wanted to say thanks for a great blog that I read once in a while.

Some of your readers might be interested in this. Basically a compilation of short clips from every single boss fight in WoW seen from the perspective of a Feral Tank/Dps druid.



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TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aUiPT5ZSvg



Moon of WCM fame (Kael'Thas & Lady Vashj strategy videos) helped
with a bunch of music, got an advance screening and said:

"haha EPIC omfg"
"it's cool"
"volume WAY too lou at the beginning though hehe"
"but it's cool, a nice compendium of all bosses good to keep for the history book of WoW"

Part 1 uploaded to WCM ...at 24fps
Part 1 (1.39GB) and 2 (1.27GB) on Mediafire at 30fps - bad cut in between ...meh :/
Full movie torrented 2.67GB at 30fps

This movie is for:
* Old school players.
* Players who wish to experience all of WoW, cinematically.

Jacemora said...


Thanks for the links, I am downloading the full movie now and will put up a post reviewing soon!


It's a good thing you only read it once in a while because I only post once in a while... lol