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Monday, March 16, 2009

This tip might be too late for some...

In the game World of Warcraft you may have noticed that things constantly change. Whether it be what enchant is best on your weapon or even which weapon is best for your class and spec. Blizzard is constantly tweaking abilities and multipliers, heck even racial talents.

One tip I would like to provide that I have used myself since hitting level 70 is this...

Don't upgrade for the sake of upgrading.

Feel good about sitting on 400 Stone Keeper's Shard.
Feel good about sitting on 200 Emblem of Valor.
Feel good about sitting on that Nobles Deck. (Ok, I didn't do this but that is because I OT/MT enough to not worry about taking +90Agi over +90Str but there are those that picked the +90Str that might be kicking themselves in the head come 3.1)

My point is this...
  • If your guild is not having issues clearing current content.
  • If you can get through heroics either doing good DPS or holding up as a tank with decent healers.
  • If you can handle the Epeen effects of being 7th on the DPS meters instead of 5th when off spec DPSing.
Then hold off on upgrading a peice of gear.

By now you might have noticed that with some patches in the game comes new gear. This could be new crafted gear, new PvP gear, new gems, new enchants, ETC. Item A may no longer be the best in slot for you when you couple the effects of new talents, gear, enchants, gems, and underlying combat math.

So do yourself a favor and hold off getting Epic if you are getting by fine without it.

Wait til you need the help and then get what is best to get you over that hump. This way you don't look back at spending X to get Y and wish you would have waited just a couple more weeks since Y sucks now and Z is the way to go.

Needless to say I am waiting for the harder content of Uldar and to see what my guild is going to need first (More DPS or More Tankage) before I start buying gear/gems/enchants that won't amount to a hill of beans difference in the current content.


Caluwen said...

I agree with the message of your post wholeheartedly, but had one point which stuck out in my mind.

If it is still true that Honor is capped at 75000, then it would be wasted effort to accumulate more than that.

Jacemora said...

I will edit that, I had no idea there was a cap on Honor because I personally have never had much more than 50,000... guess I am going to have to get something sooner than I like... I do know the arena points cap but that had to do with having trouble breaking 1700's in BC.