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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well, not much WoW playing lately...

Due to the Holiday and my SUV having issues I didn't play much WOW last week. I spent most of my time buying a new Van for the family. Our family SUV was getting along in years and miles while bleeding me dry in gas money. We ended up purchasing an 07 Honda Odyssey Touring with 22K miles. No new car depreciation and all the bells and whistles money can buy including Navigation and DVD for the kids. It drives very nice, not like a van at all. The Touring edition comes with a tighter suspension so it feels more like driving a sports car than a van which we like.

We bought the van on Thursday and took a trip to the beach on Friday with a stop at Disney on Monday and the Van did it's job flawlessly.

We opted for the extended bumper to bumper 7 year 100K warrantee since we see ourselves in this vehicle for a lifetime.

Hopefully in the near future with the content patch upcoming and the WotLK I will start getting back into theorycrafting and blog posting but for now it seems it is just Hyjal and BT up to the same bosses every week until people get out of the expansion funk.

I hope to get my Horde hunter to 70 by the expansion but I really don't blog about my noob hunter exploits.

Once Wrath hits I have some options...

A. Level a DK... ugh, 55-80 doesn't get me excited.
B. Level Jacemora to 80... I don't know how I can't stay true to my main.
C. Level Sophina to 80... Lock is so easymode compared to Druid I am actually considering this.
D. Level my fresh 70 Horde hunter to 80... Hunters seem to be all win in the expansion and with the most fun factor... not sure since I don't know many Horde players.

I just know as I get Jace to 80 everyone is going to expect me to MT. Having to run multiple 5 mans as a tank and leader wears on you fast but it does assure going on an instance run whenever you want...

I just don't know.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. I also tool a break from WoW... and played some Crysis. What a relief to not give a damn about taking down Lady Vashj, or how soon we'll try Illidan... I mean, does it really matter?! Nothing like another video game to broaden your perspective.

I'm looking forward to levelling the feral; I think it will fun, and also, I'm very happy that the four tanking classes will be interchangeable. I'm rather sick of the raid restrictions that require certain combos of tanks. It seems to encourage tank stagnation too, and laziness, since in many cases, people dont hasstle tanks about their stats, the way healers + dpsers get hasstled. I think it will be good if tanks have to compete for raid spots based on skills & stats, rather than merely on class.

I'll definitely level a DK too - that is, unless I abandon MMOs for FPSs.

Muckbeast said...

Argh. A van.... I am still fighting it. We recently got a new car that has a third row of seats... fighting off that van necessity.

We also don't do DVD in the car. We have a portable dvd player for trips, but we don't want the kiddos watching tv just randomly as we drive around town. That's a time for us all to chat.

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Jacemora said...

The van is great. Lots of room. We will probably have it the next 15 years.