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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2 more bosses down

Sunday we went into SSC and took out Fathom Lord after changing our strategy from killing the hunter add first to killing the Shaman add first. Here is the VIDEO. The DPS nuking down the Spitfire totem made the difference in keeping me and my healers alive while tanking him. We also put a separate tank on the hunter pet which worked wonders. I was very excited in that fight to find myself 6th in total damage on the WWS considering I was in my tanking gear which is far from optimal for DPS in kitty. After the Shammy was down I switched weapons to my S1 mace and shifted to kitty and went to work. After that we went to take some attempts at Tidewalker... we didn't get him down... WTB another ret pally... but I did break 1K DPS in the attempts which was fun.

Monday night I took off from raiding as usual which allows some other raiders to get some raiding done and me some much needed wife rep. I am not in a huge hurry for my T5 shoulders in TK since I am going to be wearing my T4 shoulders maybe forever for the 2T4 bonus for DPS and it takes 3T5 to get close to matching the 4T4 tanking bonus armor. Basically my plans are to focus on getting T5 chest or pants next or the Tsunami Tailsman. Those items are the current priority along with Badges of Justice for the 2.4 patch reward gear upgrades.

Anywho, AC took out Solarian on our first night of attempts which is awesome and we are now 4 bosses away from being Hyjal bound... well, not really but it sounds good. We are going to have to farm SSC and TK for at least a little while I suppose to be ready for Hyjal.

My Feral Druid tip for Fathom Lord is to make sure you kill the Shaman add first. I had 32K+ armor over 46% dodge and 21K+ HP and could not be kept up by 2 healers. Getting hit by the totem, frostshock, and his melee hits is just too much. Taking him down first and having the DPS nuke the totem made the difference. Outside of Doom Reaver that is the hardest hitting mob I have faced to date... his hits just come too dang fast. I dodged 51% of his melee and still took 142K damage... ouch. The good thing is by killing him first and nuking down the totem my fire dmg went down from 30K to like 5K which gave my healers that little bit of extra time to keep me alive.

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