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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Leothras the Blind is dead!

Well, we went to SSC last night and after just a couple of botched attempts downed Leo for the first time.

A fun fight indeed, and here are a few tips for you raiding feral druids out there...

1. Get Big Wigs! Timers are your friend. Run out and stop DPS 5 secs before whirlwinds and transitions.
2. If you don't get away in time... you can heal yourself through the bleed damage from the whirl. Use a healthstone, then use Healing Touch, Rejuv, Healing Touch, Etc... just make sure you are far enough back when you do this not to get agro. You only have to keep yourself up until the bleed effect wears off.
3. Be prepared to become the MT at any time. When Leo is in demon form you might lose your MT to inner demon. Also, at the end of the fight all hell can break lose and you might be tanking him between whirls if you are the last tanking option standing.
4. Equip your Idol of Terror instead of Everbloom. It will help on getting down your inner demon and will help in case you become the tank.

Here is the VIDEO. That is my big bear butt chasing him around at the end.

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